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Snail Trouble is a fanon episode. In this episode, Gary goes on a hunger rampage.


Gary is hungry, he nudges SpongeBob so he can feed Gary but SpongeBob thinks Gary is wanting to play and ignores him. Gary pulls SpongeBob to the snail feed cupboard and shows SpongeBob there is no food. SpongeBob panics and runs to the pet shop but it is closed. SpongeBob feeds Gary some kelp but Gary spits it out. SpongeBob panics and goes to Mr. Krabs for a Krabby Patty but he says he will give SpongeBob a Krabby Patty for $12 but SpongeBob says he is skint for the next week so Mr. Krabs kicks him out.

Gary's hunger goes bad and Gary faints. Gary dreams that there is a pile of snail treaty but when he is about to go it, a stabbing pain hits Gary and wakes him up. He wakes up in a hospital and Gary reads a sign saying "Kelp". He then attacks the doctor who injected him with kelp. Gary goes on a hunger rampage and devours every snail food there is. He even devoured Old Man Jenkins, who says "Not again.". SpongeBob chases Gary who is now a big and fat. He proceeds devouring the world's largest Krabby Patty which was behind the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs tries to stop Gary but Gary hisses like mad at Mr. Krabs who retreats in the Krusty Krab. Gary is now full and belches a really loud belch. Gary who is now back to his slim-self is chased by Bikini Bottomites. SpongeBob grabs Gary and runs away as the Bikini Bottomites chase SpongeBob and Gary.

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