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Single-Celled Usurpations
Created by MrScience12
Original run August 16, 2014 - present
Genre Spin-off
Format 16:9
# of seasons 1 season
# of episodes 2 episodes
Spin-off status Active
Writer(s) MrScience12
Creative directors MrScience12
Production company Sci Brands Productions

Single-Celled Usurpations is a spin-off focused on Plankton's many attempts and plans to abscond with the Krabby Patty secret formula in order to make his restaurant, the Chum Bucket, a success restaurant. Most of these attempts, however, end in defeat, yet there may be times where Plankton may succeed using underhanded and maniacal methods.


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Below is a list of episodes for "Single-Celled Usurpations". Each season contains a predetermined amount of episodes, yet none have the same amount in each season. For example, season one contains 26 episodes, for Plankton uses plans A-Z to attempt get Mr. Krabs's secrect formula. However, season two may not contain said amount of episodes.

Season One

Title card Prod # Title Air date

"Ice Skating Scuffle" August 16, 2014
Plankton attempts to steal the formula by challenging the gang to an ice-skating tournament. However, once seeing how dominant Plankton's team is, can the gang overcome the forces of evil? And can Mr. Krabs keep the formula safe from Plankton's hands?
"Controlled Clientele" August 23, 2014
Plankton decides that in order for the customers to obey someone other than Mr. Krabs, he must use technology. He creates a chip that he will use to take control of an unsuspecting customer, but who will the customer obey in the end: Plankton or Mr. Krabs?

News Bulletin

August 2014 News

Upcoming episodes

New episodes coming soon! Visit the creator on his talk page for more information and questions.


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