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Series: SpongeBob's New Adventures
Season №: 1
Episode №: 1A
Airdate: 1/15/06 1:00pm
Sister episode(s): My Only Friend
Creator(s): Nickelodeon's Network Productions
Writer(s): Jebarul Productions
Storyboard Artist(s): Nick Network Animation Studios
Supervising Producer: Nickelodeon's Network
Animation Supervisor: Nick Network Animation Studios

Shortage is the first episode of the first season of SpongeBob's New Adventures. It is also the series premiere.


A massive shortage of customers happens when Mr. Krabs moves the Krusty Krab to 125 Conch Street, the residence near SpongeBob's House.

Unsurprisingly, Mr Krabs doesn't spend a penny on anything BUT the moving of the Krusty Krab [$750.75] and this leads to shortage of customers.


  • French Narrator
  • SpongeBob SquarePants 
  • Eugene H. Krabs
  • Squidward Tentacles
  • Fred
  • Nat Peterson
  • Harold
  • Tom
  • Shubie
  • Gary
  • Patrick Star
  • Plankton
  • Karen
  • Pearl Krabs


[The episode starts with the screen showing the Bikini Atoll]

French Narrator: Ah, the Bikini Atoll. With it's iconic 3 palm trees. But why lies beneath, may surprise you.

[Screen rapidly pans down, splashing sounds can heard as the screen hits water. As soon as the screen reaches the Bikini Bottom sign, boats, along with beeping can be heard.] 

French Narrator: Welcome to Bikini Bottom, home to the finest restaurant in the Atoll. 

[Screen pans to the Chum Bucket with Plankton standing next to it.]

Plankton: Don't you think?

French Narrator: I wasn't talking about the Chum Bucket.

Plankton: Oh.

[2 seconds later, Plankton gets run over by a boat, resulting in him screaming in agony.]

Plankton: Ow.

[The screen bubbles to the exterior of Krusty Krab.]

French Narrator: Welcome to the Krusty Krab, home of the Krabby Patties.

Owned by Mr. Eugene Hermit Krab, the Krusty Krab is one of the best restaurant in the entire ocean.

Krabby Patties are very simple to make, but one key ingredient is secret. Is it unknown what it is. 

Frankly, nobody cares, except Plankton.

Plankton: Hey.

Narrator: Plankton currently owns the Chum Bucket

Though, the food is worst than the name itself.

Plankton: You take that back, or I'll...


[After seconds of silence, a boat runs over Plankton]


Narrator: Anyway, lets see what SpongeBob is doing.

[Bubble Transition to SpongeBob's bedroom.]

[SpongeBob is still asleep.]

SpongeBob: What are you doing Gary? No, no, no...


[SpongeBob wakes up, startled.]

SpongeBob: Oh thank goodness, it was only a dream.

[A jackhammer so loud starts, and vibrates across the street.]

SpongeBob: What's going on out there?

[Out his window, SpongeBob sees a sign saying " Construction in progress: K-"]

SpongeBob: K?


  • The pilot and the series premiere are entirely different episode.
  • The running time is 7 minutes. 


  • Everytime Plankton appears on screen, he gets hit by a boat.

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