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Seahoe Chaos
Series Back To Slack
Season 1
Episode 2
Airdate June 9, 2013
Story by Newleaffan
Written by Newleaffan
Storyboard artist(s) Newleaffan
Directed by Newleaffan
Creative director(s) Newleaffan

Seahoe Chaos is the 2nd episode of Back To Slack.


[Shows Sandy in her lab]


LETTER: Dear Sandy, I'm coming to the hoedown this Friday. I just can't wait! I'll see y'all in the hoedown! Love, Cousin Randy

Sandy: Hoedown? There's no hoedown! If Randy finds out about this he will explode like at the fake birthday party!

[Sandy runs to SpongeBob. Knocks on her door]

SpongeBob: Yes. Ooh. You need to set up a fake hoedown.

Sandy: How?

SpongeBob: Special powers. Lets go.

[Go into empty tent and setup hoedown: put stage up, put cardboard floors]


Sandy: Randy! I can't believe your here. Heh, heh!

'Randy: Its nice to be here. I saw the robotic rodeo! Y'all made a great thing! I love the doggies ripping curtains!

[Dogs rip everything]

SpongeBob: No! Our fake hoedown!

Randy: FAKE!? I'm gonna explode!



  • This is Sandy's first appearance.
  • The idea of Randy came from the real episode, Rodeo Daze.

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