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Sandy Into the Abyss was a short-lived SpongeBob SquarePants spin-off series created by Wikia user Pablor.

It revolves around Sandy Cheeks, a young high-spirited squirrel who previously lived in Bikini Bottom, though now resides in a dark abyss other than Rock Bottom. The show is rated TV-Y and originally aired on Nicktoons.

Sandy Into the Abyss


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The only main character in the show is Sandy Cheeks, a young (but has aged by three years since Sandy Adventures) squirrel. Besides Sandy, only minor characters and one recurring character appear in the series.

Feature film

A feature-length film is scheduled to air in select theaters in several months. It is set to feature Sandy finally gaining the courage to escape the Abyss.


Many episodes are in production, though only four have aired. Each episode is part of a continuing story, though Angry Angler features some material previously used in Abyssland as that episode only aired for test audiences.

The series' pilot episode, titled Abyssland, aired on May 19, 8880. It was the least-seen out of every episode.

Episode list


Sandy goes off to an abyss-themed amusement park, but is sucked into an actual abyss before entering.

Angry Angler

An anglerfish is the first to meet Sandy.

Above, Oh No!

Sandy sees light.

Extreme Abyss Sports

Sandy introduces extreme sports to the abyss.

List of episodes

Main article: List of Sandy Into the Abyss episodes


  • Pablor as Sandy
  • Sound Effects Manager as every other character


Pablor created the series. She directs every episode, and has written most episodes. The series is not open to more writers at the time.


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