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Sandy Chops


Release Date
May 29, 2014

Sandy Chops is the second episode in the SpongeToons series.


SpongeBob and Patrick are playing games when they ask Squidward to join them, but he does not. They think of someone else and they go to Sandy's house. They have an awesome karate lesson from Sandy. Sandy accidentally hits her glass dome, and it breaks! SpongeBob and Patrick try to stop the leaks but their efforts are useless. Sandy uses her expert skills to save her treedome in time with her invention and the help of the two. At the end, they have a picnic and go home.


  • This episode was supposed to be an episode about Patrick and supposed to be entitled "Patrick in Big Hat Boulevard".
    File:Download (3).jpg
  • Her invention is called TDR-42.
    • Meaning "TreeDomeRestorer-42".
  • This is the first appearance of Sandy in the SpongeToons series.
  • Though the title of the episode is Sandy Chops, her real name is still Sandy Cheeks.


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