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Rock Bottom Life is a Hoopla!!! episode


  • Hoopla
  • Derpy McDerperson
  • Ticket Man
  • Joe
  • Sally
  • Bus Driver
  • The French Narroter
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Shopper


(Shows Hoopla on bus going to Rock Bottom)

French Narroter:Ah Bikini Bottom a safe zone.But this bus is going to Rock Bottom a hole.

(Shows inside bus)

Hoopla:Ah my new house!

Bus Driver:Hold On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Bus falls into hole)


(Falls into Bus Station)

Bus Driver:Ow!

(Hoopla go's out of bus station to the empty building next door)


Derpy McDerperson:(Falls from ceiling)Hey! (Hoopla screams) You get this bottom floor to yourself to build your coffin shop! The house is other the road,heres the keys!

(Hoopla opens house door with key)

Hoopla:This place is disgusting.

(Hoopla cleans the place up with sponge)

Morgan Freeman:One hour later.

Derpy McDerpson:My house! is clean! I hate it!

Hoopla:Shut up!

Derpy:Fine I'll try and get used to it! go next door and set up!

(Shows Hoopla grabbing hammer and nails and going to the empty building unseen)

Hoopla:(Off screen)Come seen!

(Derpy comes inside and says wow!)

Hoopla:Wanna work here?

Derpy:Yeah,I'll be the rude french waiter guy!(French Impression)What will your order be mam?


(Hoopla walks to the bus station shop)

Hoopla:I'll have a sandwich.

(Shopper gives him a sandwich and Hoopla gives him 99p)


(Bumps into Sally)

Sally:Hey! whoa?

Hoopla:Who are you?

(Hoopla has a vision of them kissing then it appers true)

Hoopla:Opps sorry!

Sally:Wanna be boyfriend and girlfriend?


(Hoopla go's to the house as Sally go's to her apartment bridge place)

Derpy:What was going on?


Derpy:I smell children!

(Closes door,episode ends)

Derpy's Message:

A show has risen


  • Morgan Freeman is the narrator now.
  • But the french narrator appers at the begging.

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