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Platypus Day
Series SpongeBob: A New Generation
Season 1
Episode 4b
Airdate October 31, 2013
Story by Imnewhere
Written by Imnewhere
Storyboard artist(s) Imnewhere
Storyboard directed by Imnewhere
Directed by Imnewhere
Supervising producer TBA
Title card by TBA

Sorry I haven't made one in a while. I've been busy with school.


(Perry is seen in a cage)

Doof: Haha! Now I will commence my latest plan: To eliminate Perry the Platypus from my list of problems! (Takes out a list that is titled "PROBLEMS" and crosses out Perry the Platypus) And to rebuild my Combine-inator!

(Three and a half hours later...)

Doof: It's done! Now to combine that loser sponge with Perry the Platypus!

SpongeBob: Hey!

(Blasts the Combineinator at Perry and SpongeBob)

(Perry and SpongeBob transform into something that looks like SpongeBob with a bill and webbed feet and bluegreen skin)

(SpongeBob chatters)

Sperry the Platysponge: (Chatters)-help-(Chatters)!

Bubble Buddy: What do you expect to do with them?

Doof: I dunno. Never thought I'd get this far.

(Next Episode Coming Soon!)

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