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Plankton Computers


Release Date
June 7, 2014

Plankton Computers is the twenty first of the show and the third episode in Season 2 of SpongeToons.


Plankton is again trying to steal the formula but again he fails to do so. He (finally) asks Karen for help with his plans so Karen gives him the idea to make computers instead of fast food. A few days later, Plankton makes the P-1 for BB$499.99. It was so popular that Plankton opened many computer stores. Even Flyer Technologies partnered with Plankton making gadgets, apps etc.. Mr. Krabs becomes suspicious then he goes to spy.

He then sees instead of fast food he sees computers. He then asks Plankton what is going on then he is kicked out. Then Plankton made improved chum which makes the Krusty Krab lose customers. Then, the new Barnakrabby Patty (Barnacle Balls and Krabby Patties) make everyone go to the Krusty Krab but then as Plankton made the P-2 everyone went to the Chum Bucket. This continues on until they became equally matched. They then after many fight agree to make peace (temporarily). The episode ends with the sun setting.


  • This is the eighth fan episode so far and the second fan episode of Season 2.
  • This episode was written by TheITChap.

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