Plankton's Plan chat is the fifth episode of Sponge Chat.


Spongebob talks with Plankton on his talk show and he explains about his next plan to steal the krabby patty formula.


( Audience cheers as Spongebob goes on stage and sits on the left chair)

Spongebob: Thank you, thank you, I appreciate all the love you all are giving me right now * laughs* hello everybody and welcome to Sponge Chat where we talk about various topics with my friends and other people and today our micro evil genius will be on today so give it up for Plankton!

( Audience cheers as Plankton walks up stage)

Plankton: Well looks like I am the star of this show today * laughs evily* so who is th.. * looks at Spongebob* oh you have got to be kidding me.

Spongebob: Hi Mr.Plankton how are you today?

Plankton: Well good but I have to ask you something?

Spongebob: Yes?

Plankton: How in the name of Neptune did you own this talk show?

Spongebob: Well I was bored so I called the Broadcasting station and ask for a TV show and well here it is! A talk show with my own buddies.

Plankton: I am not your friend you ignorant buffoon!

Spongebob: Yeah I know * laughs* so anyways what do you want to talk about?

Plankton: Hmmm... well I will talk about my plan.... oh and one more thing? Is Karen watching?

Spongebob: I'm pretty sure she is.

( Back at the Chum Bucket)

Karen: * is flipping through channels and sighs* let's see.... no... no... no... * turns on Sponge Chat and sees Plankton and gasp* Oh my Neptune.... Spongebob has his own Talk show and my husband is on it?? I gottta see how this turns out!

( Back at Sponge Chat earlier)

Plankton: Okay so here's the plan... you see this big T.V. screen in the middle?

Spongebob: * Looks at it* yes... what are you gonna do with it?

Plankton: Well I'll use to to hypnotize the audience and then they will work for me and then I'll steal the krabby patty formula * laughs evily*

( audiences boos and tells Plankton to get off the stage)

Plankton: OH COME ON!!!! It's just a stupid Talk show it's not like I was gonna actually do it!

Spongebob: SECURITY!!!

( security comes and takes Plankton away)

Plankton: No no no no wait I was just kidding! NOO!!!!! SPONGEBOB!!!!!!!

Spongebob: Welp looks like this show is saved!

( Audience cheers)

Spongebob: So anyways that's our show for today so I will see you all next time on Sponge Chat!

( Audience cheers as Spongebob walks off stage)


This is the first time where somebody tries to ruin the talk show and Spongebob saves the day.

Plankton is the first person to get called security on.

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