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Plankton's Jam
Series Plankton Lives With The Raw
Season 1
Episode 2b
Airdate June 13th, 2015
Story by WithAY2002
Written by Kidboy24
Storyboard artist(s) WithAY2002
Directed by Calaz
Title card by Calaz
Previous Episode Welcome To The Chum Bucket II
Next Episode The Plankton Patty

Plankton's Jam is the fourth episode of Plankton Lives With The Raw. In it Plankton realises he can use jellyfish to take over the world.


(Scene: Jellyfish Fields)

Narrator: Ahh, Jellyfish Fields where the jellyfish lives their humble lives. (SpongeBob chases after a jellyfish with a net) What's this? A jellyfisher?

SpongeBob: I'll catch you! (he catches the jellyfish) Aha!

Narrator: Very well demonstrated. Jellyfish may live here but jellyfishers come along every now and again to catch them. (SpongeBob releases the jellyfish) For atleast a minimum of ten seconds. Don't let them sting you, SpongeBob! (He chases after another jellyfish and trips over Plankton)

Plankton: Can't you see I'm walking here!?

SpongeBob: It's not my fault you're only about an inch!

Plankton: And it's not my fault you almost stepped on me!

SpongeBob: Well sorry.

Narrator: Well you see, Plankton comes from a species of ra-


Narrator: Fine. (Footsteps are heard)

Plankton: Jeez, what are you doing anyway?

SpongeBob: Jellyfishing.

Plankton: Jellyfishing?

SpongeBob: Yeah it's easy, I'll show you! First you get your net ready. Lucky I bring spares incase Patrick shows up. (he gives a net to Plankton making him fall face first on the floor) Oops. (he picks him up) There.

Plankton: ARE YOU CRAZY!? YOU COULD'VE KILLED ME! (a jellyfish comes and stings him) OWWWW!

SpongeBob: Are you okay, Plankton?

Plankton: I'm better than okay, SpongeBob. (evil laugh) I'll use these stingers to take over THE WORLD!

SpongeBob: Well, good luck with that. (he happily skips off. Scene cuts to Plankton driving a digger)

Plankton: Attention Jellyfish Fields, Jellyfish Fielders and all inhabitants. We are currently moving here so if you'd be so kind to move into a Jelly Home that is just across from the... (they run away) Krusty...Krab. Right, that's it! (He presses a button labelled Plan B. All the jellyfish are seen running backwards towards Plankton) That's the way baby! (They stop outside the digger and Plankton presses a blue button. The jellyfishes' eyes go red) Oh, yeah! (scene cuts to a new report)

Perch: Perch Perkins here reporting live for Bikini Botom news. Some mad man has hypnotised jellyfish to sting us all. I can't say much right now because a jellyfish is (he gets stung) BEHIND ME! (scene cuts to Plankton watching this on TV)

Plankton: Honey, look! I'm on the television!

Karen: That's nice dear.

Plankton: Yes, and that's not all!

Karen: What do you mean?

Plankton: I have a special few working to get the formula! (Scene cuts to Mr. Krabs in his office fighting off jellyfish with a plate)

Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob, it's no use!

SpongeBob: Oh no! What can we do?

Squidward: (slams the door down) I've got an idea. Jellyfish hate music.

Mr. Krabs: Great thinking! Will you play a tune to save me formula and Bikini Bottom?

Squidward: My pleasure! (he plays a tune and the jellyfish run out of the restaurant. Then all the jellyfish run away from Bikini Bottom)

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