Pilot is the first episode of Sponge Chat


Spongebob host a talk show and talks about what's going to happen on that show.


( Audiences cheer as Spongebob walks to the stage and sits down on the left chair)

SpongeBob: Thank you, thank you. Hello folks it's me Spongebob and welcome to Sponge Chat! Where we will have lots of fun talking with my pals and some other people. * Laughs* Anyways let's....

( Squidward walks in and Spongebob sees him)

SpongeBob: Oh hi Squidward! Are you glad that I made a talk show? * Laughs*

Squidward: * Is mad* No I am not! You think that your crummy talk show is better than mines!?!

Spongebob: Well probably but...

Squidward: That's because you and everybody else ruined it! You made me cancel my show and I will never be famous!

( Audiences say "awwww" as they feel bad for Squidward)

Spongebob: Well I have an idea.... maybe one day, i'll have a talk with you and maybe I will let you have a talk. Deal?

Squidward: * Sighs* well I suppose so * Shook hands with Spongebob*

Spongebob: Great! Now can you please leave so I can talk to my audience

Squidward: ( Says while walking away) Oh sure. Hopefully this " Talk show" will be " entertaining" * laughs*

Spongebob: Okay so anyways let's see what content we have here...

( Spongebob checks list for content)

Spongebob: We will be talking to other people, do activities, and alot of other fun stuff to do!

( Audiences cheer)

Spongebob: So anyways, hope ya'll enjoy my first time on here and I will see you next time on Sponge Chat! *laughs*

( Audiences cheer as Spongebob walks away)


This is the first episode of Sponge Chat.

Squidward will appear again in the future.

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