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Patrick's First Date is the 19th of SpongeBob n' Stuff, the eighth episode of season two and the second episode to be written by TheCreepyPastaLover.


Patrick: Look! Someone sent me a love letter!

SpongeBob: Who sent this?

Patrick: Repich Libb.

SpongeBob: Hmm. She says she's going to your house for dinner.

Patrick: Neat!

Sandy: I don't know Patrick. This sounds suspicious.

SpongeBob: Yeah.

Kenny: I know right?

Temmie: even tem is suspicious!

Patrick: Don't worry. I accept this date!


Sandy: Love is caused..

SpongeBob: The tuxedo fits you the best..

Temmie: glRls luv tEh temmie so..

Sandy: ..when girls are dumped..

SpongeBob: ..try this one..

Temmie: ..dont bring da temmie

Sandy: love them very much..

SpongeBob: ..t-shirts..

Temmie: ..allergy..

Sandy: ..heartbreak..

SpongeBob: ..tux..

Temmie: ..dogs..

Sandy: ..cheating..

SpongeBob: ..bras..

Temmie: ..cats..

(loops from the beginning until 5 minutes but everytime it loops it gets faster)

Sandy, SpongeBob, and Temmie: You're ready!

(Bubble transition to Patrick's house)

Patrick: I'm nervous guys.

SpongeBob, Sandy, Kenny, and Temmie: Don't worry about it! (hear knocks or the rock) She's coming!

Patrick: (Opens door) Why hello Repich! Come on in!

Repich: (Enters the rock) Why hello Patrick!

Patrick: Let's sit. (Sits at chair)

Repich: Patrick, I have something to say. I'm.......... (gets out from disguise) Bill Chiper!

SpongeBob: You won't do anything to us right?

Bill: No. I found a new place to make my dreams come true! Although I am here for one thing. (Grabs Temmie) How do you get to the Underworld, Temmie?

Temmie: jUsT gRAB A sOuL

Bill: Alright! Now i can finally raid the Underworld.

Temmie: YoU canT DO thAT

Bill: Yes I can! (Grabs Kenny's soul)

SpongeBob: Oh my God! They killed Kenny!

Temmie: u (censored)! u will never get away with dis!

Bill: Yes I will! (Turns Kenny's soul into a portal; enters portal)

Temmie: Nooooooo! (enters portal)

Bill: Hmph. Not giving up eh. I will close the portal and made what's left of Kenny's soul possess you and turn you into a monster!. (Closes portal; Temmie turns into a monster)

Patrick: Noooooo!


SpongeBob: What have you done?

Sandy: We have to protect Patrick! (Shoots out laser from laser gun)

SpongeBob: Where'd you find that? (Grabs laser gun; starts shooting laser)

Sandy: It's my invention! Cool, right?

Patrick: Time to stand up for myself! (Kicks Kemmie in the butt)

Kemmie: (screams) You haven't seem the last of me! (runs towards the exit of Bikini Bottom)

Sandy: Good job team!


SpongeBob (BBS): Coral City isn't that bad.

Leader Plankton: I know! The houses here are amazing!

Squidward (BS): Guys, I hear something!

Chase McFly: What is it?

Sir Patrick: I hear it too! It's like a monster!

Fatrick: It is a monster! (Kemmie enters)

All: (screams)

Bill: (enters room with portal) Oh! I forgot! (Seperates Temmie and Kenny)

Chase: What were you doing?

Bill: I was busy conquering the Underworld when all of the sudden Temmie tries to stop me!

Temmie: tem can't let u do dat! i have a se- oh wait nvm.

Chase: GET OUT! (Kills Kenny)

Temmie: oh my god, they killed kenny!

Chase: I'll kill you too if you don't exit!

Bill and Temmie: Yeah yeah.

Temmie: return the underworld you b***

Bill: What if i don't? (Gets beaten up by Batman) Sure i'll give it back.

Temmie: kkk. wut hepnd wen tem wus monster

Batman: You don't remember? You tried to kill Patrick. Glad that's over now. Now Bill, you only can take over this world because i can only stop you in this world.

Bill: What? NO! (Gets beaten up by Batman again) ye sure.

Secret Code (yes i know using japanese is weeb-ish)


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