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Patrick's Adventure To Kelp City
Series Patrick's Adventures In Kelp City
Season 1
Episode 1
Airdate September 25, 2016
Story by TheJasbre202
Written by TheJasbre202
Directed by TheJasbre202
Animation director(s) TheJasbre202
Title card by TheJasbre202
Next Episode Patrick's Adventure At Hullabalooza
"Patrick's Adventure To Kelp City"' is the first episode of season 1, and first episode overall of "Patrick's Adventures In Kelp City".


The first episode's production started on January 24, 2016, and finished in February. This is the only episode to be completely made by TheJasbre202, the rest will be made with other people! This is probably the only episode rated "TV-G" because the rest are "TV-PG" and occasionally there will be "TV-14" episodes. This episode was announced at the Encyclopedia SpongeBobia Chat. This is the first and only episode to be animated before the series began production, because this was the pilot, and later episode 1 of the series, because Jonas did not want to waist this episode as a later episode to tell the story on how they moved in! This episode will premier September 25, 2016 and will be in stop-motion by Brick Studios.


Scene 1:

Pans into the rock

Patrick: [sighs] i live my live the same way everyday, and SpongeBob used to have something happen to him every Friday for years! I need a Krabby Patty

Patrick walks into the Krusty Krab

Patrick: One....

Squidward: Triple Krabby Patty Deep-fried on a stick with mayo?


SpongeBob runs out of the grill into the dining room

SpongeBob: Whoa! What? You have stuff happening to you on Tuesdays now!

Patrick: So? [we pan into his eyes, the short into plays with the logo]

Scene 2:

cuts to the rock, Patrick is packing his stuff up

SpongeBob: But you can't move, we haven't finished our To Do list!

Shows do-to list, all it says is hang out with Patrick every half hour, at 11:30 it says eat with Patrick.

Patrick: If you don't want me to move, then move with me!

SpongeBob: What?

Patrick: tell me by the end of the day!

cuts to the pineapple, SpongeBob is walking back and forth

SpongeBob: Move? stay! move? stay! move? stay!

cuts to his face, looking blankly

SpongeBob: [talking like a robot] I have made my decision!

cuts to the rock at the end of the day

Patrick: So have you chose?

SpongeBob: Yes, i'm sorry, but I'm moving with you!

Patrick: Yay!

Scene 3:

a montage of the bus ride to Kelp City

SpongeBob: Where are we moving exactly?

Gary: Meow! [Yeah!]

Patrick: Kelp City, where my Grandma & Grandpa came from!

SpongeBob: Cool!, But how will we make money?

Patrick: When you were gone jellyfishing or working i worked at the Life's Good Cola factory in Kelp City, now it's my full-time job!

SpongeBob: Cool, I guess you can say its SpongeBob's Adventure To Kelp City!

Patrick: No your show ended, it's Patrick's Adventure To Kelp City!

SpongeBob: oh [sad]

Patrick: [whispering] with SpongeBob

SpongeBob: [giggles]

Cuts to the apartment

Patrick: Here we are!

SpongeBob: C'mon Gary let's go!

Gary: meow mow

they go inside, Patrick is dancing

Patrick: I have my own show! The End!

Scene 4:

cuts to the Easter island head.

Squidward: Finally no more loser neighbors!

two guys resembling Beavis & Butt-Head come and move in

Fish-Head: Huh huh, your stupid

Cleavis: Yeah heh heh

Squidward: [screams]



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