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SpongeBob: In this hot day I should host a party! 

Boss: Great idea!

(writes letters to citizens)

Citizens: Were gonna par-tay!

SpongeBob: YUP come people!

1 Citizen: Is it boring? I look boring things!!!

SpongeBob and all citizens: O.O Uh???

SpongeBob: Help me start this awesome place.

Citizen: OK!

(Decorates party then 30 minutes later...)

SpongeBob: Let's start the party!

1 Citizen: Make it boring!!!

SpongeBob: -.- Please kick him out of here.

1 Citizen: NO NO I was just kidding!!!!!

1 Citizen: (gets kicked in bathroom) Hello??? DANGIT. >:O

Narrator: Now the party is started. BTW SpongeBob may I come??

SpongeBob: NO

Narrator: D:

SpongeBob: Just kidding you can come.

Narrator: YAY (Partys)


Deleted Scene

The 1 Citizen said "DAMMIT!" this was changed to DANGIT! due to DAMMIT! being inappropriate in G-rated shorts.


  • Made on my sister's birthday!!
  • The deleted scene was changed by Suds47

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