One Simple Wish

Title card.

August 30, 2014

 One Simple Wish is the eleventh episode of ADWSS and is a 30-minute special (including commercial breaks).


Plankton's life has been getting hard on him, as he's always a failure. So on his birthday he wishes that he had gotten the Krabby Patty formula on his first try. To Plankton's surprise, his wish comes true..... but the wish means more than he thought: Bikini Bottom has fallen to pieces thanks to his power-madness. Plankton teams up with Sandy and tries to get things back to normal by going back in time to stop Past Plankton from destroying Bikini Bottom. However, that's not going to be very easy considering the fact that Past Plankton has built a whole ton of robots to kill tresspassers in his base and the fact that he's invented a machine that can launch anyone into an alternate dimension via floating portal.



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