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Night Of The Sponge


Release Date
July 5, 2014

Night Of The Sponge is the twentieth episode of the show and the second episode in Season 2 of SpongeToons.


All as well for SpongeBob, but one day, someone reminds him of stealing a load of cash and being called The Square Squire, He must try to forget the cash and hide from the 5-0 before he is sent over to the prison. As he starts to forget, a mysterious voice from his past tells him to do the right thing and give all the money back. He does so, after which he becomes a better person.


  • This is the seventh fan episode so far and the first fan episode of Season 2.
  • This is the first episode that Ghastlyop has been given a producer credit and the first of four episodes written by Ghastlyop for Season 2.
  • This is based of the two Doctor Who episodes, The Night Of The Doctor and The Day Of The Doctor.
  • On Blue Box TV the episode is called by it's original title "The Day Of The Sponge"

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