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Mr. Tentcales
July 5, 2013
Kidsnewsnairobi7yearold (Nairobi)
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Nick (3 seasons)TeenNick (6 seasons)

Mr. Tentcales is a spin-off series based Squidward Tentacles. This article is rated G.


Season 1

Mr. Krabs Likes.... Who?

Mr. Krabs calls both SpongeBob and Squidward his best employees on a Tuesday but the question is..... who is better?

Squidward's Physciatrist

After SpongeBob nearly annoys him to death, Squidward gets a physciatrist.

Squidward The Artiste

Bikini Bottom thinks artiste isn't a real word.

April Squid!

April Fools becomes Squidward's worst day.

Squidward's Winter Vacation

Winter has started in Bikini Bottom, and Squidward really needs a vacation.

Squidward's Lump Of Koral

Squidward,  does not praise christmas, until Santa Fish (Spoof of Santa Claus) gives him a lump of koral.

Patrick The Break Dancer

Squidward gets jealous when Patrick (The dummy of Bikini Bottom) become the most talented fish (Seastar) in Bikini Bottom.

Squidward The Manager

Squidward, tired of working as cashier challenges Mr. Krabs to be a cashier while he's the manager.

Squidward Saves The day

Squidward is tired of being treated badly by everyone, so he dresses up as Barancle Boy to prove he is good.

Happy New Fish!

On New Years, Squilliam moves to Bikini Bottom (RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO SQUIDWARD)!

Season 2

Squidward's 42nd Birthday

Squidward is mentally depressed to turn 42.

House Of Squid

Squidward starts a new club called House of Squid to replace SpongeBob's House of Sponge, but it becomes mentally depressing when only SpongeBob and Patrick want to  join.

Bubble Buddy Jealousy

Bubble Buddy returns after 2 visits, and everyone in Bikini Bottom loves him because he is now the oldest bubble ever being over 11 years old, but Squidward is the only one buying multiple pointy things.

Summer Vacation

Summer isn't  all it's propped up to be when SpongeBob and Patrick move the Krusty Krab right next door to Squidward's new cabin house.

Mr. Krabs' Dinner Party

Mr. Krabs, hoping to add more  customers to the Krusty Krab, throws a dinner party but doesn't invite Squidward.

The Squid Who Didn't Come To Dinner

Squilliam throws a dinner party in his new home, and Squidward, once again, isn't invited.

Squidward Changes

After Being hit with a peice of koral, Squidward becomes nicer than SpongeBob.

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