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Moshi Monsters & SpongeBob
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Moshi Monsters & SpongeBob is a 2014 British-American movie. It is about SpongeBob and Patrick getting kidnapped by Strangeglove, rescued by Katsuma and their adventures on the way home.


  • Sweet Tooth
  • Strangeglove
  • Katsuma
  • Poppet


SpongeBob is asleep in bed. He wakes up and sings The Best Day Ever whilst having a bath, getting dresses, feeding Gary and eating breakfast. SpongeBob heads outside and knocks on Patrick's house. Patrick opens up and walks out. SpongeBob reminds Patrick about their trip to Jellyfish Fields. Patrick explains that no buses are running today. SpongeBob suggests they could walk. Patrick agrees and off they go. They start walking and look behind them. Sweet Tooth is riding on her jet (As seen in MMTM) chasing them. SpongeBob and Patrick make a run for it and Sweet Tooth Stomp starts to play. SpongeBob and Patrick rush in The Krusty Krab making the music harder to hear. They tell Mr. Krabs that 'Someone with a face like a maniac clown is chasing us!' Mr. Krabs doesn't listen. Sweet Tooth fires a miscile at The Krusty Krab causing it to blow up. The music is louder now. Suddenly Strangegloves ship comes along sucking SpongeBob, Patrick and Mr. Krabs up behind bars (Like MMTM). The music stops.

Strangeglove comes in next to this sort like prison on a chair with wheels. Strangeglove evily says 'Wondering who I am? I am Strangeglove! Eviler than Fishlips.' Strangeglove also tells them about his plan to glump then so they'll destroy Monstro City (After all, they are like giant Moshlings from the fishies set). Strangeglove drives out on his chair leaving with a black screen. The screen shows the prison empty. The screen shows SpongeBob, Patrick and Mr. Krabs asleep in The Super Moshi HQ. SpongeBob wakes up asking 'Where are we?' Patrick wakes replying 'I don't know'. Eugene wakes up asking 'What?'. Elder Furi walks up to them saying that they were saved by Katsuma. With that Katsuma leaps in taking them to his house. At Strangegloves ship Plankton walks in saying 'They escaped!'. Strangeglove knows that they need to get them back behinh bars but how? Plankton says that he could make robots to capture them. Strangeglove agrees so back to Bikini Bottom they go.

Not finished!

Songs (So Far)

  • Best Day Ever
  • Sweet Tooth Stomp

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