Merdeka! Part 2/2 is the 31st episode of SpongeToons.

Main Plot

After sleeping in, they might miss the plane! Will they be going home or be stuck?


The episode begins with the clock ringing and yet no one waking up. At 10 a.m the gang wakes up only to realize that they had slept in. The flight (MH70) will be on 1 p.m. After some panic, they pack their things and readied themselves extremely quickly.

11.30 a.m - They then checked out and headed to the commuter in KLCC to KL Central.

11.35 a.m - The commuter arrives.

11.50 a.m - They drop off to KL Central to transfer to the monorail line.

12.00 p.m - The monorail arrives.

12.10 p.m - They drop off then went to the flight counter.

12.20 p.m - They went to the flight line.

12.35 p.m - Stamp and check and went shopping and relaxing.

12.45 p.m - They board the plane.

After ticket checks, they went on the plane. They then said farewell to Malaysia and left.

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