Meeting Mr.Bob is the fourth episode of Sponge Chat.


Spongebob meets and talks to a special guest named * Mr Bob*.


( Audiences cheer as Spongebob walks on stage and sits in the left chair)

Spongebob: Thank you, thank you, glad to be here once again to talk to my wonderful audiences * laughs* hello everybody and welcome back to Sponge Chat where we'll be discussing various topics with my friends and other people, and today we have a special guest coming here who wanted to meet me in a long time. So give it up to Mr.Bob!

( Audiences cheer as Mr.Bob walks on stage)

Mr.Bob: Well looks like it's my time to shine. * sits on the right chair* Greetings Spongebob. How are you today?

Spongebob: I am fine. So tell me exactly are you me?

Mr.Bob: No, I am another being.

Spongebob: Oh okay so tell me where you live at and what you do there?

Mr.Bob: Well I live in a building where the abandoned classic versions of yourselves and I live at. I own the place and give them a nice place to stay. And i'm pretty sure they are watching me on TV right now.

Spongebob: Okay so I am the modern version?

Mr.Bob: Yes you are a modern version. The classic version is sitting in the building with his friends watching this show. And also there is something I need to tell you. There is not just the modern and classics, there is the original.

Spongebob: Original?

Mr.Bob: Yes well I can't really tell you about him. He has two different versions but if I tell you his name and about him, he will kill me because he's watching too.

Spongebob: Okay...... well anyways, it's nice meeting you Mr.Bob.

Mr.Bob: Nice to meet you too Spongebob. Well I must be going now. The classics are probably hungry by now. Today for lunch we are having pizza.

Spongebob: Oooohhh can I join?

Mr.Bob: Sadly no because you're a modern and the classics hate you guys for taking their place, but i'm sure you guys will be good friends with them one day.

Spongebob: Okay nice. Well bye.

Mr.Bob: Okay bye. * walks off stage*

Spongebob: Well.... that was interesting. So anyways, that's it for today so hope ya'll enjoyed this episode and the special guest so I will see you all next time on Sponge Chat!

( Audience cheers as Spongebob walks off stage)


This is the first episode with a fan character.

Mr.Bob reveals a little information about the mysterious character.

He confirms to be another being and not a classic or modern version.

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