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Malaysia! is the 29th episode of SpongeToons and the 11th episode of Season 2. Here is the Malay version. 


Main Plot

SpongeBob and the gang get to go to Malaysia! However, communication will be hard so will the TheITChap manage to tutor them?


SpongeBob wonders how is it like in the Petronas Twin Towers.


One day, just like any normal day, the gang gets their mail. They then find a letter which invites them to a Malaysian Games Tournament. They then go to Goo Lagoon under the huts. After lessons on how to play, some play indoor games like Congkak and some play outdoor games like Sepak Bulu Ayam. The gang was announced to be the winners with them going to Malaysia for 2 weeks to celebrate Independence Day.

They then have to take Bahasa Malaysia lessons. However, the teacher was sick, so TheITChap had to tutor them. They then had to take lots of lessons. After one week of intensive lessons, they all mastered BM. After some packing of luggage, they then went to the nearby bus station to get a ride to the Bikini Bottom International Airport (BBIA). On the ride, they get some brochures about Malaysia. SpongeBob then saw a page about the KLCC or the Petronas Twin Towers which was the tallest twin towers in the world. He was very intrigued by the towers.

After the ride, they went to the BBIA to board the plane. They found the schedule looking like this:

|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Flight             | Route                          |Status       |Time       | Plane Model | |MH70               | BBIA-NRT-KLIA         | ON-TIME |7:20 P.M   | A380-800 | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

fte having some passports stamped and dealing with airport security, while waiting for the plane, they goofed off doing their thing, eating, playing games etc.. Then, there was an announcement saying:

"Attention: All passengers for MH70, please go to Gate 27 as the flight will start in 30 minutes."

They then boarded the plane, then seeing the plane depart from Bikini Bottom. The stewardess gave them headphones for the flight. Again, everyone goofed off. SpongeBob the sang 'Oh, Malaysia' which then included the whole gang. The episode ends with them talking about Malaysia.

Title Card

Made by SBCA (Luis)


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