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Part 2 of 2. The rest of the events are done and the winner is shown. It could possibly get Squidward more like SpongeBob.

Let The Sponge Games Begin Part 2
Series SpongeBob and Squidward
Season 1
Episode 3b
Story by Mit Xus or Kayley Jadestone(A108.34.46.233)
Previous Episode Let The Sponge Games Begin Part 1


  • This episode is part 2 of a full 22 minute episode and it's ironic how it isn't all in 1 episode with part 1 instead of the way it is now.


  • Squidward:SpongeBob!
  • SpongeBob:What? Why did you have to shout?
  • Maggie:I know Squidward is trying and if he has to win the sponge games, he will have to try his best.
  • Squidward:Okay but I still dislike SpongeBob. I should try though. What's the third event?
  • Maggie:You have to last longest without laughing while I tickle you. Squidward first. [She starts tickling Squidward.]
  • Squidward:[while being tickled]I'm not ticklish. I have never been tickled before and I wont laugh.
  • Maggie:Really? I guess you win event 3 then... Event 4 is to leap frog with me until the jellyfish plushie.[points to plushie] I will have the same skill level of leap frog for both of you. Squidward, first.
  • Squidward:I never did leap frog before. Can I watch SpongeBob before I do it?
  • Maggie:It doesn't matter who goes first so okay.[she and SpongeBob 'leap frog together to the jellyfish plushie.]'[checks timer she is holding]Okay. It took 5 minutes. Now Squidward.
  • Squidward:Okay. I guess...[he and Maggie leap frog together to the jellyfish plushie]
  • Maggie:[checks timer she is holding] Okay. 4 minutes and 58 seconds. Squidward, you won by 2 seconds.
  • Squidward:This sounds very easy!
  • Maggie:Yeah! Squidward, be happy!
  • SpongeBob:I'm happy! Go Squidward!
  • Maggie:Okay, the next event is hugging a really cute teddy bear for as long as possible. SpongeBob, you first.[gives SpongeBob a really cute teddy bear for him to hug]
  • SpongeBob:So I just hug it?
  • Maggie:Yeah. Start now!
  • SpongeBob:Okay! [hugs the bear for a really long time then stops]
  • Maggie:You are finally done. Anyway, [checks timer she is holding] you got 3 hours, 2 minutes, and 10 seconds! Squidward, I think you will probably not want to do this.
  • Squidward:Why?
  • Maggie:SpongeBob hugged the bear for over 3 hours! Since when can you do something like that? I think he wins this.
  • Squidward:Okay, I will try though I wont like it... Come on! I can do it! [takes teddy bear and hugs it for a really long time then stops]
  • Maggie:You did good! [checks timer she is holding] 2 hours, 32 minutes, and 10 seconds! SpongeBob beat you by exactly half an hour but you still did good!
  • Squidward:I know! I can win this if I try! If I try I can win! Even if it's against me!
  • SpongeBob:Go Squidward!
  • Maggie:Okay, ready for the next event?
  • Squidward:Yeah! Bring.It.On!
  • Maggie:Okay!
  • [at the moment, the best day ever full version song is being played while SpongeBob and Squidward both do events where SpongeBob and Squidward are trying and having winners/losers. Some events have to do with toys and others are kid games. It then comes down to the last event which is a tie breaker]
  • Maggie:You guys are good! Although it's a little late because of the 6 hour event... I think we could still do a night event.
  • Squidward:SpongeBob is afraid of the dark! I can do this!
  • Maggie:Really? It has to do with fear facing!
  • Squidward:I have no fear!
  • Maggie:SpongeBob, do you have a fear?
  • SpongeBob:Yes! I have many fears!
  • Squidward:Then I'm sure to win! What is the last event?
  • Maggie:You will be put in the nightmare machine I made and you have to stay in as long as possible. Both at the same time since I can't risk 6 hour events.[puts SpongeBob and Squidward in nightmare machine]
  • SpongeBob:[looks around]Teddy bears! [runs to hug one but it turns into a zombie teddy bear]
  • Squidward:[looks around] It's not that bad SpongeBob. Not that bad... [walks somewhere then disappears]Ahh! Where am I?!? Sp---[his voice fades away as he talks then gets unheard]
  • SpongeBob:Squidward! Where are you?!? I have to tell Maggie! I don't care if I lose![runs somewhere and gets out of the nightmare machine]
  • Maggie:That was quick. Squidward wins.
  • SpongeBob:Actually, Squidward can't be found. He's missing.
  • Maggie:Oh, he fell in a trap? The only way to get him out other then himself escaping is this. [presses a buttom then Squidward shows up]
  • Squidward:Okay! I win! I win! I feel better now! I believe SpongeBob can be a good friend!
  • Maggie:You did it Squidward! You and SpongeBob are friends! Now, I shall go. [leaves and takes the stuff she brought with her]
  • SpongeBob:I don't know what just happends but we shoud go home and get some sleep.
  • Squidward:Good idea.[he and SpongeBob go home]
  • [episode ends]

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