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Part 1 of 2. A girl named Maggie from some unknown place offers SpongeBob and Squidward to challenge each other in a bunch of child-like events to help keep their frienship together.

Let The Sponge Games Begin Part 1
File:Let The Sponge Games Begin Part 1.png
Series SpongeBob and Squidward
Season 1
Episode 3a
Story by Mit-Xus or Kayley Jadestone(A108.38.46.233)
Previous Episode Gary's School For Squidward
Next Episode Let The Sponge Games Begin Part 2


  • This episode and part 2 will be the only episodes where Maggie shows up in.
  • It happened right after Squidward tried acting like SpongeBob in his dream so it may be a test for him.
  • It's weird how the episode ends at the 3rd event and it also a little unknown why that even happened.
  • It's also weird how Squidward thinks he can do better at the end of the second event when stuff like that normally happens around the middle.


  • [scene starts with Squidward going over to SpongeBob's place]
  • Squidward:[talking to SpongeBob]I believe that I really got to know you! Can we be good friends? Just keep Patrick away please!
  • SpongeBob:Okay but why keep Patrick away? He is my best friend.
  • Squidward:It's because Patrick never changed! He is still the same dumb dumb he always was!
  • SpongeBob:Well, let's go to see Patrick then. [he and Squidward leave SpongeBob's house and see a girl with blonde hair in a light blue dress]
  • Maggie:Hi SpongeBob! I'm "insert girls name here"! I heard you and Squidward want to be friends.
  • SpongeBob:How do you know us?
  • Maggie:I came from cuteness universe but I'm not from earth.
  • SpongeBob:So... You are an alien?!? [runs and is about to tackle Maggie]
  • Maggie:I'm not an alien! I look fine. SpongeBob, you are awesome! I got to Bikini Bottom by teleporting. Did you know the people where I live can see your every move?
  • SpongeBob:How???
  • Maggie: Spongefan dot ca. it can see everything you do! ( is not a real site)
  • Squidward:Well, why did you come here?
  • Maggie:To challenge you two to kid events so you guys can become better friends!
  • Squidward:I'm trying my best to like SpongeBob! It's pretty hard and he is acting a bit normal but still! I even did everything SpongeBob likes in a dream but I can't do it for real!
  • Maggie:Come on. The event is already set up at jellyfish fields!
  • SpongeBob:I think we should go... [he, Squidward, and Maggie go to jellyfish fields.]
  • Maggie:See. All the events are set up. I will tell you what you have to do for each. Whoever does the best at the most events wins.
  • Squidward:Wins what?
  • Maggie:Nothing really but I'm sure it will increase your friendship. :)
  • SpongeBob:Squidward, I think we should do it! It will probably be fun!
  • Squidward:Okay but if this makes my friendship with you lower, I quit!
  • Maggie:Okay! The first event is butterfly catching! Just catch as much butterflies as you can within a minute then I will tell you the next event.
  • SpongeBob:Don't you mean jellyfishing?
  • Maggie:Jellyfish have no use for catching in my universe. Butterfly catching is a lot like jellyfishing except with butterflies which are prettier then jellyfish. Also, butterflies don't sting so it's also easier. They are the flying things that are colorful. [points to a butterfly]
  • Squidward:How were you able to get them underwater?
  • Maggie:I went to atlantis in my universe and found a magic wand. It can make me wish for things. Now start! 1 minute! [gives SpongeBob and Squidward nets]
  • SpongeBob:A new version of jellyfishing! Okay! [starts running to catch butterflies]
  • Squidward:Don't make annoying sounds I dislike!
  • SpongeBob:Oh, sorry Squidward. I'll be quiet.[has already caught 5 butterflies]This is actually harder then jellyfishing.
  • Squidward:I never went jellyfishing before except in a dream and I can't catch a single butterfly!
  • Maggie:Okay! First event done! SpongeBob wins by 5! Next event is to make a simple flower wreath. Get flowers and some other stuff and try to make a wreath out of flowers. First one done wins event 2.
  • SpongeBob:Okay! [runs all over jellyfish fields getting as much flowers with stems as possible]
  • Squidward:I should start to! [also runs looking for flowers with stems but more "fancy" type flowers]
  • SpongeBob:[comes with lots of flowers]That's enough flowers. Now for the wreath. [SpongeBob starts making his wreath as Squidward comes back and also starts his. It skips through to when SpongeBob finishes]
  • Maggie:So close Squidward! SpongeBob won again! Squidward, I believe in you! I hope you can beat SpongeBob! But SpongeBob, I believe in you to! It's the first event. Okay. You should start the next event now which is--
  • Squidward:It was only the second event. If I try, I can surely beat SpongeBob! Relax Maggie. Let's just do the third event as well as the others to see who is better.
  • Maggie:Okay!

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