Kristy Krisis is Episode 2 of A Day With SpongeBob SquarePants that is paired with There's No Place Like Home. In this episode SpongeBob has to get his customers back after Mr. Krabs doubles the prices on the menu and loses money. 

Krusty Krisis


SpongeBob,Mr Krabs, Squidward, Plankton, Bikini Bottomites
10 minutes
30th January 2014
3.11 million


It's a average work day at the Krusty Krab and SpongeBob is serving a patty to a customer. In the office Mr Krabs is calculating his profits only to find that it's 50 short. Mr Krabs then calls the staff in, explains the problems and explains the money changes that will happen with one being the raising of the menu prices. Because of this customers are finding this expensive and is heading to other restaurants most notably the Chum Bucket. Mr Krabs decides to attract the customers back by sending SpongeBob advertising and persuading them to eat there again. but he fails and gets nothing. SpongeBob and Mr Krabs then have a suspicion it is Plankton and tries to stop the plan. Customers are been poisoned and taken to Hospital. The Poilce take Plankton to jail because of this which makes the 2 happy.The episode ends.


1. The Captions mispell the title as Krusty Crisis.

2. When Mr Krabs counts his profits one of dollars dissapears for a second.

3. This is the first appearance of Plankton in this Show.

4. This is also the first episode in this show where Patrick dosen't appear.

5. When SpongeBob is advertising one of his belts disappear.

6. Squidward only appears at the start and end of this episode

7. In the part where Mr Krabs checks the Chum Bucket his belt has Vanished for 1 second.

8.  This episode got featured in the SpongeBob Daily Marathon.

9. This episode ranked 100 best A Day With SpongeBob SquarePants episodes.

10.  SpongeBob's eyes are a bit darker in this episode.


SuperFanon Review Percent

71% - Now, this is a bit different than the others. The grammar really messes up the episode, and I really thought that there wasn't much humor. But I still saw potential in it. Just needs a heavy grammar edit.

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