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These are the edits for when Jema De Spongina is aired on HBO Family's revival of the Nicktoons Summer Beach House.

Pilot Pitch

The scene of Andy shouting "OH MY EEFING GOD!" and jumping up so high that his head came through the ceiling and poked up through an upper room was edited to have Andy shout:"OH MY GOD!" but he jumping so high that his head came through the ceiling and poked up through an upper room was kept.

The beginning 'previously' segment is edited so it doesn't show Andy getting ready to dance with a ax in his butt because he was picked to be a superhero ninja.

Awesome love

SNIT's house having the letters "CALL ME OR RUB MY BUTT" spraypainted on the wall is covered up by a oversized cherry.

The blood on the ground is changed to flash different colors.

Various scenes of sexual references are cut.

Go Kaboom! KABOOM!

The driver of the Evilyotota van says "Oh dear!" instead of "Oh s**t!".

Super Guys

When Jema says "We'll be a son of a b*tch!", it is edited so the K.R.A.B.S. leader cuts him off before he can say "b*tch".

Go off, Stupid Snyder!

The dialogue is changed so sexual references and swears are replaced with the characters saying that they're on a TV show instead, which highly breaks the 4th wall.


Bluebob's first word is "Daddy" instead of "Mammy".


Same as "Go, off, Stupid Snyder!".

King Andy (series finale)

Andy says "What the fuuuuuuuuuuuun is that?" instead of "What the f*************************ck is that?"

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