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Jelly Adventures!
104 (ordered)
Ultra Sponge Channel, Ultra TeenSponge, Nickelodeon
First Episode
February 15, 2014
Last Episode

Jelly Adventures! is a Sponge-Tastic Productions spin-off. In this series, SpongeBob finds a jellyfish who can grant any wish he has and give him tons of advice!

Season 1 Episodes

1. Pilot By: SuperFanon'D! Airdate: February 15, 2014

SpongeBob finds a magic jellyfish. What will he use it for?

2. Jellyfish By: SuperFanon'D! Airdate: February 22, 2014

SpongeBob wishes he was a jellyfish. When he changes his mind, he can't wish it back!


Wanna work for the spin-off? You must be approved. Write your name here, along with your wanted job. If you are sent a message from SuperFanon'D! on your chat wall saying, "Confirmed", you got the job!

Example: Mr. Waffleykins256 Writer (Season 1-present)

  • Kidboy24 (Title Card Maker)

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