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Its Not IQ Without YOU


Release Date
June 16, 2014

Its Not IQ Without YOU is the tenth episode in Season 1 of SpongeToons. It is a fan episode by TheITChapwhich in turn began his tenure writing for the spin-off series.


Patrick, like all the other Bikini Bottomites, join an IQ test. However after the test, Patrick is the dumbest of them all, with an IQ of 10. He gets embarrassed because all of Bikini Bottom is laughing at him, including the news. He finds an ad for a product called InstaSmart on TV. He orders it so he can be smarter. Unfortunately, he drinks so much InstaSmart, causing him to be so smart, that he neglects his friendship with SpongeBob. Due to his smartness, he was invited to The Sponge Show to be interviewed. He was so inspiring that ratings skyrocketed, so The Sponge Show became a hit. After the show, he finds some leftover RigJuice, so he drank it, and he became dumb again. When he leaves the studio, he encounters SpongeBob, and he shows his stupidity. Then SpongeBob accepted him, and they go jellyfishing at Jellyfish Fields.


  • The release was supposed to be June 14 but was delayed to June 16.
  • This is the second fan episode.
  • The episode takes place in a similar timeline of the events of Regular Talk.

Related Episode

Regular Talk takes place in a very similar timeline of this episode. An obvious reason is that TheITChap also created both episodes.


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