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I Watch You Part Two

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SpongeBob: Time Travel
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I Watch You Part Two is the second part of SpongeBob: Time Travel's pilot episode. In it the trio travel to Ancient Greece and meet Kenny. Meanwhile Patrick is be chased by Spartans!


  • SpongeBob SquarePants (main)
  • Patrick Star (main)
  • Sandy Cheeks (main)
  • Kenny The Cat (minor)
  • Minotaur (minor)
  • Fred (minor)
  • Angry Spartans (cameo)
  • Kidboy24 (mentioned)



Sandy: So how do we do this Time Trav- [the trio tough there watches and are spinning around with red in the backround] aahhhhhhhhh!

SpongeBob: This... doesn't.... make.... any.... sense!

Patrick: How could I tell that? I'm the dumbest person in toooowwwwn!

SpongeBob: Well, whatever period we end up in during time, atleast we are all togeth- aaaaahhhhhhhh! [the trio end up in some kind of a maze]

Sandy: A labyrinth! Wait.... that means- MINOTAUR! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! [Kenny walks in the labyrinth]

Kenny: I am Kenny, the king's son. And I will set peace in Ancient Greece.

SpongeBob: Greece? Isn't that were Kenny The Cat aired before the US?

Sandy: Yes, but this is Ancient Greece.

Kenny: Watch out, random guy. [the Minotaur charges at Patrick. Patrick jumps and lands in some kind of city state]

Fred: This.... is..... SPARTA!

[Back in the labyrinth]

SpongeBob: So.... Kenny was born in BC?

Sandy: No. That's Kenny's [speedily]great great great great great great great great great, great Grandfather.

SpongeBob: So.... Kenny's Roman? [Kennys jumps on the Minotaur and the Minotaur dies]

Kenny: There, peace and harmony in all of Ancient Greece. Well.... except for Sparta.

SpongeBob: Why?

Kenny: Sparta is one of many city states here. Athens is great, everyone loves them! Except for Sparta, Sparta is all about war and fights. Nobody ever gets into the way of Sparta. Well... except if you trade them all your stuff so they can help you win World War Two. Wait.... how do I even know about that? World War One is AD! How do I even know this stuff?

[scene cuts back to The Spartans, a angry mob is chasing after Patrick]


[Scene cuts back to the labyrinth]

Fred: [offsreeen] This..... Is..... Sparta!

Sandy: Who said that?

SpongeBob: You don't think it was [he whispers in Sandy's ear]

Sandy: Yes, I think it was Ben Hall.

SpongeBob: No! Not him! [Patrick walks in]

Patrick: Hi. I got a piece of the formula. It says one fried patty.

SpongeBob: Where do you think the second piece is?

Sandy: The..... Olympics!

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