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Hot Heads is the fourth episode of Season 1 and overall in Tales of Dawn. In this episode, Dawn arrives in Atlantis, but Neptune, her paternal grandfather, discovers her and tries to keep her existence a secret from his son. However, if she is anything like him, his granddaughter is not going to be easily defeated.


  • Dawn
  • Leon
  • Neptune
  • Pallas
  • Triton

Dawn and Leon finally arrived in Atlantis, much to the former's excitement. The two made their way to the palace before noticing a carriage appear, landing near the palace. As they approached the entrance, Neptune, who was checking on his family, spotted and halted them, asking for their purpose of being here. When Leon explained out loud to Dawn that Neptune was her grandfather and about her mother, the sea god realized she was the daughter of both his son and his former wife. Having been disgusted by Esa's choices which led to the divorce, he cruelly told her to leave, to which Dawn bitterly stated that this was not how she wanted her first interaction with him to go.

After being threatened away by him and the guards, Leon believed that Dawn's plan to find her father might not work. However, the redhead told him she had an idea and to stay nearby with a walkie-talkie she brought with her, having the other one on her as she swam off.

Dawn snuck around the palace grounds, avoiding the guards, before spotting an open window in the clear. She swam up to it without being seen but made a strange discovery: she found a young mermaid in a bedroom through the window she swam through, fast asleep. Wondering who she was but dismissing it, she alerted Leon of the open window and told him to meet her. When she mentioned the young mermaid, Leon panicked while saying her name was Pallas. When Dawn tried to reassure him that she was asleep, she saw Pallas, wide awake and looking up at her. To keep her from alerting the guards, Dawn explained to her that she just wanted to meet Triton to ask him some questions. Pallas, normally a tattletale, knew she was telling the truth, but asked if she could tell him about her, mentioning that he was her father. Dawn was confused by her words, not realizing that Pallas was Triton's child.

The young princess led Dawn around the palace, looking for her father, but ended up finding Neptune instead. The angry god threatened to have Dawn arrested. However, his yelling attracted the ears of the last person he wanted her to see: Triton. Upon seeing him, Dawn's heart nearly stopped, her excitement from finding the one person she came all this way for bubbling inside her. All the questions she wanted to ask him filed in at once, yet she could not say a word.


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