Hey SpongeBob! is a new spin-of based on SpongeBob SqaurePants. The shows premise focuses on SpongeBob who lives with his grandparents. Episodes center on his experiences navigating big city life while dealing with problems that he and his friends encounter.

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Rated G - General Audiences

This article is rated G, meaning it is appropriate for all ages.


SpongeBob - A friendly and optimistic sea sponge

Patrick - SpongeBob's best friend

Sandy - A tomboyish squirrel that secretely likes SpongeBob. (she sometimes calls him "cheesehead.")

Season 1

SpongeBob Escapes Church

In a stop-motion unaired pilot episode, SpongeBob goes to church and visualizes what the sermon means.

SpongeBob Rides A Chair

In a stop-motion short, SpongeBob sits in his chair and uses his imagination

Note: Originally aired on Sesame Street

Hey SpongeBob! (Episode)

SpongeBob and his friends are playing a game of baseball until he accidentally knocks out Flats. When he revives, Sandy suggests that he should beat SpongeBob up in 24 hours.

Note: Originally aired as a theatrical short before Harriet the Spy. This episode was remade into 24 Hours To Live.

Downtown as Fruits

The first episode. SpongeBob and Patrick decide to take the bus a few too many stops past the school and end up downtown with no money-until someone drives by and gives them a bucket of cash.

Squidward's Bike

When Squidward's bicycle is ruined thanks to SpongeBob, SpongeBob realizes that he's been involved in a quite a few of Squidward's accidents, so he takes him out for a day for fun-well, fun for SpongeBob, but mishaps for Squidward.

The List

SpongeBob attempts to do everything on "The List for a Sponge's Perfect Sunday," a list that no sponge ever completed all in one Sunday.

Haunted Train

SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy hear Granpa's legend of "The Haunted Train" and head for the abandoned train station where it's said to appear-and the train that comes at midnight fits the description.

Operation Ruthless

While the cheese festival is in town, Sandy attempts to SpongeBob's interest in Ruth, a girl he likes.

The Vacant Lot

When SpongeBob and Patrick find a vacant lot and turn it into a baseball field that they deemed "Patrick Field", the bullies overexert their power and take it for themselves.

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