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Have you met Winnie the Pooh? is the first episode of Spongey Questions.


(scene cuts to what appears to be a room with two red couches facing each other) Announcer: Ladies, Gentlefishes and wikians, it's time for Spongey Questions! (clapping is heard as SpongeBob enters and sits down. Patrick sits on the opposite chair)

SpongeBob: Thank you, thank you. You are so kind. Now shh! (they stop clapping) Right. We all know why we're here, right? It's time to answer some...

Audience: Spongey Questions!

SpongeBob: Ok. You know the drill, I know the drill, Patrick's got the drill. (laughter)

Patrick: No I don't.

SpongeBob: Right then. If you could very kindly bring out yesterdays mail, Squidward. (Squidward hands him some letters) Much appreciated.

Gary: (with letter in mouth) Meow.

SpongeBob: Ah Gary. If you could give that one to Patrick he'll open it in just a tick. (Gary gives Patrick the letter) Ok, RadioGuy42 asks:

What's the good thing about being a sponge in your opinion?

SpongeBob: That's a tough one. Well Mr. Radio, sponges are great at loads of things. They have many talents. . I for one have this party trick I've wanted to share with Squidward for a while now. (He sucks up all the water and Patrick, Squidward, Gary and the crowd go red. He then lets the water go) Hope your all not too dry! Ha ha. You see at the end of the day sponges are a-okay! TheCreepyPastaLover asks:

Do you have a crush?

SpongeBob: A crush? (his cheeks brighten up then go back to normal) You mean like a monster truck? Nah, haven't had one in years! Calaz asks:

What do you eat for breakfast every morning?

SpongeBob: I eat Krabby Patties twenty four seven. Ghastlyop asks:

Have you ever met Winnie The Pooh?

SpongeBob: Quite a while back. I used him as my rug, he was too rough so I took him to the second hand shop.

Patrick: You mean that one down the road? I take my hands there all the time. TheCreepyPastaLover 2.0 asks:

Why are you Square?

SpongeBob: I'm not, I'm a rectangular sponge.

Patrick: And I'm a circle. (he opens his letter revealing a picture of some poop) Who sent this?

SpongeBob: Unfortunately that's all we have time for.

Patrick: But don't worry, next up is Sanjay and Craig!

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