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Haunted in Bikini Bottom


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November 17, 2013

 Haunted in Bikini Bottom is a fanon episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. 


SpongeBob and Patrick meets a ghost who can scan their bodies to pretend as a person. They tried to tell everyone but no one believes them.


Narrator: Ahh... a peaceful night in Bikini Bottom. Very peaceful. (Cuts to some benches) No one sitting here? Well, I'll sit. (The benches drop) Oh it's broken. I'll just go to another place. (Cuts to an officer standing beside the police car. Then a light scans the officer) What is going on? (The light approches the screen) AHHHHH! (Screen becomes black)

(At SpongeBob's House....)

SpongeBob: (Snoring)

Unknown Voice: SpongeBob.....

SpongeBob: What? AHHH!

(Scans SpongeBob's body. Unknown voice left)

SpongeBob: Whew, that was close!

(At Patrick's rock....)

Unknown Voice: Patrick.....

Patrick: AHHH!

(Scans Patrick's body)

Patrick: Who are you?!

Unknown Voice: I am a ghost, stupid! (Leaves)

Patrick: AAAAAHHH! I gotta tell SpongeBob! (Knocks SpongeBob's House Door) SpongeBob!  SpongeBob! 

SpongeBob: Patrick! Patrick! I saw a ghost!

Patrick: Me too! Me too!

SpongeBob: We gotta warn Bikini Bottom! 

(At Downtown Bikini Bottom..)

SpongeBob: This is it, Patrick.....

SpongeBob and Patrick: Run, run! A ghost is coming! 

Fish #1: I think he's tricking us.

Fish #2: Yeah!

(Everyone leaves)

SpongeBob: No one believes us, Patrick. But wait, I know who released that ghost. 

(At The Chum Bucket...)

Plankton: Yes! My plan succeded! Now my ghost can steal the Krabby Patty formula! 

(SpongeBob and Patrick burst through the restaurant's doors)

SpongeBob: Hold it right there, Plankton! We know your plan! Patrick, you go and distract him. I'll stop this madness!

(Patrick jumps and sits on Plankton)

Plankton: Ow.

(SpongeBob goes to Plankton's Labatory and presses a button that says 'backfire plan')

SpongeBob: Patrick! We have to get out of here!

(SpongeBob and Patrick gets out of the Chum Bucket)

Patrick: So what happened to Plankton? 

Plankton: Ahh!

(We see Plankton being chased by the ghost)

Patrick: Should we help him?

SpongeBob: Nope.

(SpongeBob and Patrick leaves the Chum Bucket)

Edited Scene

Originally, the plot was that a ghost kills SpongeBob and Patrick and they haunt Bikini Bottom. Also, the ghost's appearance is scarier than the one aired today. Both the plot and the appearance were retooled because they were frightening to younger viewers.


This episode is a five-minute episode.

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