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Happy Families Created By Kidboy24


Created By

Happy Families is a spin-off about SpongeBob and his friends playing a game of 'house'.


SpongeBob is bored. So he calls his friends over. Thinking of what to do Squidward suggests going back home. SpongeBob magpies Squidward's idea and turns it into a game of 'house'. Arguing against the roles, he suggests Sandy should be a parent along with him. This leaves Mr. Krabs to be the grandfather and everyone else to be kids.


  • SpongeBob - Father
  • Sandy - Mother
  • Mr. Krabs - Grandfather
  • Squidward - 9 Months Old Baby
  • Patrick - 10 Year Old
  • Krabs' Three Nephews - 5 Year Olds
  • Gary - Himself
  • Plankton - Squidward's Teddy
  • Karen - TV

Sign Ups

Alright, you can sign up to have any job of your choice as long as you show Kidboy that your worthy for the role.


  • Kidboy24 - Creator, Writer, Plot Creator, Title card creator


Awards go here



  • HF is launched!

Theme Song


The credits song was posted on YouTube on the channel Coolman 8010 (Kidboy's YT)

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