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Happily Married is a show created by Spongelover89, that ran from January 2, 2013, to present. It is a family sitcom.


Sandy Cheeks, a well-known scientist, marries Eugene Krabs, a widower with one daughter, Pearl. Along with her friend, Mrs. Puff, Sandy isn't facing her new marriage alone.


Season 1: 2013

  • 15 episodes

Episode 1              Pilot                            January 2, 2013                                           8.3 million viewers

Sandy Cheeks marries Eugene Krabs, but, has troubles getting along with his daughter, Pearl.

Episode 2               Movies                       January 2, 2013                                           7.8 million viewers

Sandy forbids Pearl to go to a violent movie.

Episode 3                Grandma's Love        January 9, 2013                                            8.1 million viewers

Sandy's mother visits, and fights with Mr. Krabs' mother, who is visiting the same weekend.

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