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Guy Yellow and Mister Red
Series Back To Slack
Season 1
Episode 4
Airdate June 23, 2013
Story by Newleaffan
Written by Newleaffan
Storyboard artist(s) Newleaffan
Directed by Newleaffan
Creative director(s) Newleaffan

Guy Yellow and Mister Red is the 4th episode in Back To Slack.


SpongeBob: I can't wait to go on this cruise ship!

Mr. Krabs: I can't believe we won a first class tickets and we didn't need to lose any money!

[walks up to captain]

Captain: Your ticket?

Police: Stop right there, Sponge and Crab or should I say Guy Yellow and Mister Red! You two have convicted a feline!

SpongeBob: Feline?

Police: Yes. A feline. You have a stolen ticket! Come with me!

SpongeBob: Ooh! Are you we sharing birthday gifts?

Police: Yes. You'll share gifts with other prisoners.

[Real robbers hit police car]

Police: What was that?

[Police get out of car]

Mr. Krabs: Quick! While they're distracted!

Police: C'mon Guy Yellow and Mister Red! Move over– oh.


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