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Gary's Story is a game released exclusively for the Wii. It was released in 2012 in Japan and in early 2013 in the United States. 

Video game
Developed by
Bad Snail Interactive
Release date
November 22, 2012 (JP), April 1, 2013 (USA)
Tom Kenny, Andrew Palmer, Mr. Lawrence


Plankton has turned Gary's snail resort he and tons of other snails are staying at into a picture book and has stolen the Golden Snail, the resort's only source of energy. Six snails including Gary must venture through the six pages (worlds) with four chapters (levels) each before they can confront him. All the levels are made of some kind of material (clay, denim, cardboard, etc.) and have their own distinct style. 


World 1

  • Food Hunting
  • Gone with the Wind
  • Ride in the Skies
  • Cloudy Candy (Boss #1)

World 2

  • Climbing the Tower
  • Dragon's Den
  • Boiling Baddies
  • Skeleton Dragon (Boss #2)

World 3

  • Jellyfish Pipe
  • Floating Maze
  • Cruisin' in the Clouds
  • Triple Tower Trouble (Bosses #3, 4 and 5) (battle against Invisiblo the Ghost, Windy the Cloud, and Dong the Dragon)

World 4

  • Spiders Galore
  • Fish Feast
  • Chomp Cave
  • Squishy Jungle
  • Snorkel Snake (Boss #6)

World 5

  • Lots of Jellyfish
  • Flipper-Flopper
  • Seahorse Limbo
  • Seahorse's Ship (Boss #7)

World 6

  • Mega Castle
  • Razor Castle
  • Slippy Slug (Boss #8)

World Finale

  • Haunted Castle
  • Lava Castle
  • King Jellyfish (Boss #9)


  • Cloudy Candy
  • Skeleton Dragon
  • Invisiblo the Ghost
  • Winndy the Cloud
  • Dong the Dragon
  • Snorkel Snake
  • Captain Seahorse
  • Slippy Slug
  • King Jellyfish (FINAL BOSS)


  • A - Jump. Hold down A for a double-jump.
  • B - Splatter an enemy with slime, stunning them. Can also be used to collect power-ups. 
  • 2 - Throw slime ball. Used to defeat enemies and happen if Gary jumps on an enemy. 
  • A & down - Ground pound. 
  • 1 - Sniff for items. If an item is near a ! mark will appear. If Gary or another snail is standing on the hidden item, it will wave at the player. 


  • This is notable for being one of the only SpongeBob-themed games to not involve SpongeBob. Both SpongeBob and Patrick are only briefly mentioned on newspaper headlines in the levels Jellyfish Pipe and Floating Maze.
  • When it goes to the event of the page turning, Gary and the other snails can be heard singing "Nickelodeon" in between meowing.

Names in Other Languages

Spanish: La historia de Gary

Italian: La storia di Gary

French: L'histoire de Gary

German: Gary's Geschichte

Japanese: Geiri no Monogatari

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