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Five Sponges
Created by Kidboy24
Original run 14th September 2014
# of seasons One
# of episodes Twenty (ordered)
Spin-off status active
Directed by Kidboy24
Writer(s) Kidboy24
Creative directors Kidboy24
Storyboard artist(s) Kidboy24
Plot creators Kidboy24
Producer(s) Kidboy24
Supervising producer(s) Kidboy24
Executive producers Kidboy24
Production company Star Car Entertainment

Five Sponges is a spin-off created by Kidboy24 about SpongeBob meeting four people just like him, SpongeBaby, SpongeKid, SpongeTeen and SpongeAdult. Together they must fight the world from evil and protect everything in it.


  • SpongeBob
  • SpongeBaby
  • SpongeKid
  • SpongeTeen
  • SpongeAdult
  • Patrick
  • PatBaby
  • Patrick Jr.
  • Patager
  • Mr. Star

Sign Ups

Tell me what job you want on my talk page.


"No awards yet, SpongeTeen!"

Award Images

"Where do you want these images, Mr. Star?"



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