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"Do You Have A Favorite Video Game?" is the second episode of Spongy Questions.


(Scene cuts to what appears to be a room with two red couches facing each other)

Announcer: Ladies, Gentlefishes and wikians, it's time for Spongy Questions! (clapping is heard as SpongeBob enters and sits down. Patrick sits on the opposite chair)

SpongeBob: Thank you, thank you. You are so kind. Now be quiet! (they stop clapping) We all know why we're here, right? It's time to answer some...

Audience: Spongy Questions!

SpongeBob: Ok. You know the drill, I know the drill, Patrick might have the drill. (laughter)

Patrick: How many times do I have to tell you! What is a drill?? (even more laughter)

SpongeBob: I'll... tell you later. If you could very kindly bring out yesterdays mail, Squidward. (Squidward hands him some letters).

Gary: (with letter in mouth) Meow.

SpongeBob: Ah Gary. If you could give that one to Patrick he'll open it in just a tick. (Gary gives Patrick the letter) Ok, RadioGuy42 asks:

Do you have a favorite video game?

SpongeBob: Of course! The ones about me! Apart from maybe Robotic Revenge, that ones scary. TheCreepyPastaLover asks:

Have you met the cast for the Fairly Odd Parents?

SpongeBob: Are you kidding? We're both Hollywood stars! Ghastlop asks:

Can you kill yourself?

SpongeBob: (awkward silence)... Umm... Next letter, please! TheCreepyPastaLover 2.0 asks:

Why are you a rectangle if your family is square?

Well, Mr. TCPL, I was hit on the head as a kid and thats why I'm so kid-like-

Squidward: You mean moron-like?

SpongeBob: Thanks for proving my point, Squidward, as I was saying, I've also never got my drivers license, even Patrick got a license before. Watch the episode "Driven To Tears" on my full time show.

Patrick: What license?

SpongeBob: Okay... TheCreepyPastaLover 3.0 asks:

Do You Visit An Internet Stalker Forum?

SpongeBob: (going red) Uhhhhh..... no? Hehe. (normal) Anyway, that is all we have time for.

Patrick: But don't turn off that TV yet! Breadwinners is up next!

SwaySway: (from audience) Yay! (awkward silence) Ok, I'll shut up.

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