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Can't Hear the Bells is the fifty-first overall episode of Tales of Dawn and the Season 8 finale. In this episode, Dawn tries to look forward to her two mothers' wedding, but her thoughts continue to linger to Triton as she continues to worry about him.


  • Savantia Astaron
  • Prince Triton
  • Pallas Astaron
  • Khepu
  • Dawn
  • Esa
  • Leon
  • Alec


The wedding day was approaching fast. Everyone was preparing for the big day, including Alec. With no one to talk to because of the big occasion, Dawn felt alone with her thoughts on Triton and how he was doing in the chasm with the Brontedrakons. She was so distracted that she found it hard practicing during the wedding rehearsal and staying still while her dress was being adjusted.

The young goddess went out later to see if the force field is active, seeing no signs of any escape attempts. She looked at the chasm, wanting to see her father so badly, but decided against it, knowing now was not a good time to talk to him. Later on, she saw Esa and Savantia talking to each other, discussing about the wedding, before seeing their daughter. Noting her sad look, they questioned what was wrong, Dawn replying that she missed her father.

Esa and Savantia hated seeing Dawn like this, telling her that her father got what he deserved and that he needed to learn to move on. The queen also admitted that Esa the only one who understood the struggles she went through and that they both moved on from their hate for each other. Dawn was moved by it but still felt down about her father.

Esa later found her looking over Atlantis from the balcony and looked at her sadly, telling her that there was a time she missed someone dear to her and wondered if she made the right choice, referring to Dawn as she recounted teaming up with Sariel. She assured her that one day, her father will see what he has done and try to repent. For now, he needed space to think.

Dawn nodded in agreement, mother and daughter sharing a hug before going back inside, both looking forward to the former's special day...

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