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Beware of Mother is the seventh episode overall and the second episode of Season 2 in Tales of Dawn. In this episode, Esa regains her memory in order to find Dawn, but after the redhead has adjusted to her new home, things are about to get ugly between the parents... and probably awkward.



After three weeks of searching, Esa and her family could not find Dawn anywhere. She cried as she stayed near the beach, knowing her little girl was out there. Harmony, knowing that Dawn went out to find her father but keeping that fact to herself the entire time, finally told Esa the reason her daughter left. Harmony told her that the only way to find her was to regain her memories, which Esa swore to never take back, and warned her that it might not be a good idea. However, with only her daughter on her mind, Esa went to where she kept her forbidden memories, retaking them. Once she did, her eyes filled with tears, but she went on her way to find Dawn.

A few days later, Dawn and Pallas were placing books back in the library, having attempted to make a book fort but ended up caught by Savantia. As Dawn asked Pallas what is was with them and forts, Leon came in, saying there was a commotion outside.

Meanwhile, Triton was in the throne room when the door suddenly flew open, revealing Esa in a tattered dress, covered in scratches and kelp, and wearing a very ticked-off face. The prince was initially shocked, wondering what she was doing here, before Esa said, "I came here for my daughter, honey," Triton realizing that she regained her memory and was here for Dawn. The two end up arguing with each other before Savantia, Pallas, and Dawn walked in, wondering what all the commotion was about. When the queen revealed that she and Triton were married, Esa was shocked and overwhelmed by everything she missed out on, fainting on the spot.

When she woke up later, Pallas was there to greet her, Dawn with her. Esa, happy that her daughter was safe yet angry that she left her for that long, told she was going to be grounded when they go home. However, Dawn replied that she loved it in Atlantis and wanted to stay, much to Esa's shock.

When Savantia finds Triton, she asked if Esa could stay for a while, wanting to make it up to her for her past mistakes. Triton wanted to disagree, but he could not bring himself to say no, even though he wanted Esa gone. He finally agreed, albeit reluctantly.

How long before he would regret that choice?


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