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Badminton Legends


Release Date
June 28, 2014

Badminton Legends is the fourteenth episode in Season 1 and the first part of the five episode season finale of SpongeToons


Sandy and Nat challenge SpongeBob and Patrick to a badminton game while they’re walking around the beach. It just happened that they were challenged in the Goo Lagoon Badminton Championship. While the game was going on, SpongeBob was asking Patrick many questions, but the shuttle cock hits his racket and they get a point. Things start getting competitive. They reach the finals and face Larry the Lobster and Hue Stuckey. It's match point. Patrick’s racket barely hits the “ball”! It goes way up to the sky but hits the net when it comes straight down from the sky! They lose, but they still had a fun game. Two days later, Hue is discovered to have cheated, and the duo are named winners and are nicknamed “The Badminton Duo”.


  • Badminton Legends was meant to be a regular episode, but due to the demand of more episodes, it was included in the five-episode season finale.


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