Baby days

Baby days is a short for spongebob squarepants. Its composed of clips of characters when they were baby. Each short is 2 minutes long.


1.The plot: spongebob thinks about what he was as a baby

2. First notes?: Baby squidward try's to play a clarinet

3. The trouble!: An unknown baby is making trouble at the house when mom and dad is away

4. The feared one!: Something is damaging the town! Some said it's small, crawing and cute!

5. 26 hard miles: A ramdom baby runs with his mom and dad through a marathon and faces some hard times

6. Farmin': A baby from a farming family accidentally made a tool that is useful of their job

7. Babyball?: A baby in a baseball game catches a baseball

8. Horseplay: TBA

9. Lost! :A baby is lost when she accidentally get left by her mom at new kelp city.

10. A young pet friend: TBA

11. Horseplay at a phone?: TBA

12: Horseplay at a computer??: TBA

13. 1, 2, 3.... Go!!!: TBA

14: On air!: TBA

15: At the TV: TBA