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Allergy Trouble is a fanon episode. In this episode, Plankton creates a machine that makes Bikini Bottomites allergic to Krabby Patties.


Plankton and Karen are in the lab making this chum called "Scrum Chum" and Plankton tests some only to get a allergic reaction. Karen says that it contains seaweed extract to which Plankton says that he is allergic to seaweed and sneezes really bad. Plankton sits in the park walking Spot only for Spot to break free from Plankton and he then goes hiding in seaweed. Plankton resists getting Spot but SpongeBob retrieves Spot. While watching a fish accidently spary coral bits from a reef on another fish (who is allergic), Plankton decides to make a machine.

He lures SpongeBob in the machine and spary a brown substance on him. SpongeBob staggers out the machine but keeps on sneezing when cooking the patties. Mr. Krabs sends him home. Plankton then creates a big spary can containing the allergy gas. Mr. Krabs sees the gas spray and tells SpongeBob and Squidward but Squidward just goes in the lavatory. Mr. Krabs runs at Plankton but Plankton sprays him. Spot bites Plankton angrily for spraying Mr. Krabs and joins SpongeBob. Plankton was about to set the giant gas canister until Mr. Krabs throws seaweed at him and Plankton and halts the spray.

Spot runs to Plankton and Plankton says to Spot "Always forgiven." Mr. Krabs cures him and SpongeBob with a bottle of lettuce juice. Plankton then fall asleep while Spot secretly drags him near a pile of seaweed.

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