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A New Town
Series Scooter's Stories
Season 1
Episode 1a
Airdate April 15, 2014
Production company DangerZ Productions
Story by DangerZ
Written by DangerZ
Storyboard artist(s) DangerZ
Written &
Storyboarded by
Storyboard directed by DangerZ
Directed by DangerZ
Creative director(s) DangerZ
Technical director(s) DangerZ
Animation director(s) DangerZ
Supervising producer DangerZ
Title card by DangerZ
Next Episode Easter Scooter

A New Town is the pilot of the Scooter's Stories series and the first episode of season one. In this episode, Scooter moves out of his apartment to Bikini Bottom in SpongeBob's Neighborhood. Little does he know the company that is awaiting him. This episode is one of 20 episodes of season one. This episode is paired with Easter Scooter.


  • Scooter (debut)
  • Scooter's Mom (debut; cameo)
  • Scooter's Dad (debut; cameo)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (debut; cameo)
  • Squidward Tentacles (debut)
  • Patrick Star (debut)
  • Mail Man (debut; cameo)


  • New Kelp City Apartment
  • SpongeBob's House
  • Squidward's House
  • Patrick's House
  • Scooter's House
  • New Kelp City


Scooter moves out of his mom and dad's apartment to Bikini Bottom because he is getting old to live with his parents. He moves next to SpongeBob in his trailer.

Trivia and Errors

Trivia TBA




  • [episode starts at a New Kelp City apartment building at floor six, room E104.
  • Scooter: Mom, Dad, I'm moving out.
  • Mom: I know son, and I heard you say you were 23 yesterday.
  • Dad: You can use our trailer.
  • Scooter: [scoffs] Don't you think that trailer is a little bit jun- [gets cut by Mom].
  • Mom: Ssshhhh... [whispering] You can decorate the trailer.
  • Dad: I found this open lot for a low price in Bikini Bottom. Here's a picture of it. [shows picture of SpongeBob's neighborhood with an open lot next to SpongeBob's house]
  • Scooter: [sarcasm] By cheap, how cheap do you mean?
  • Dad: $2,250. SpongeBob told on his blog post that he needs to pay his boss.
  • Scooter: [happy] That's so cheap for land big like that! I can fit like 45 trailers there. [whispers] I wish.
  • Dad: Ok, lets prepare your moving.
  • Titlecard and Narrator: Zzzzzzz......
  • Scooter: [next to trailer] Ok, seeya Mom and Dad! [hugs Mom and Dad]
  • Mom: Bye, Scootsie, we promise we will visit you.
  • Dad: Keep us in touch by using your phone.
  • Scooter: Promise, Dad. [gets in trailer and drives off]
  • Titlecard and Narrator: One Bikini Bottom later...
  • Scooter: [parks trailer in open lot] Well, here I am. [gets out of trailer] I think I need to give the money to the pineapple. [knocks on pineapple door]
  • SpongeBob: [inside pineapple] Coming! [opens door] Who are you, sir?
  • Scooter: I'm Scooter, I heard you were selling a lot.
  • SpongeBob: [smirks] Well yes, I've been selling a lot of stuff, usually stuff that Gary chews. Would you want one of Gary's masterpieces?
  • Scooter: ._. Ummm... I meant like some space I could live in? I got my trailer here.
  • SpongeBob: Umm.. I only have one bed, but you can sleep on the couch, but if you are ok with it being chewed. [lightens up] Oh, you mean the lot I'm selling?
  • Scooter: [smiles] Yes, next to your house.
  • SpongeBob: 2,250 dollars please.
  • Scooter: Here, use it your way. [hands money to SpongeBob]
  • SpongeBob: [surprised] Oooh! I hope Mr. Krabs accepts thousand dollar bills. Anyway, make yourself home.
  • Titlecard and Narrator: Brief Construction Montage.
  • Scooter: Ok, [excited] let's meet your bros! [SpongeBob and Scooter walk down]
  • SpongeBob: [in front of tiki house] Here is Squidward's house, he is always here, Scooter was it?
  • Squidward: [pops head out of open window] No I'm not. [closes window]
  • [inside Squidward's bedroom]
  • Squidward: Oh great, another moron moved in. [sighs]
  • [back outside]
  • SpongeBob: [in front of a rock] Here is Patrick's house, you'll get used to him.
  • Scooter: [gasps] What do you mean, get used to- [gets cut by Patrick's rock opening]
  • Patrick: Awkward, a purple surfboard.
  • SpongeBob: He is not a surfboard Patrick, he is Scooter.
  • Patrick: A Scooter? I've always wanted to ride one of those babies, but they break whenever I step on them. [jumps on the back of Scooter's back] Hey! [angry] This thing doesn't have any wheels! I want a refund, cashier! [SpongeBob laughs softly]
  • Scooter: AAUAGGH! [scared] Get off me! [shakes Patrick off]
  • Patrick: Huhh? [opens eyes wide] This day came sooner than I thought! The day when all merchandise come to life and talk! [opens rock, jumps in, and closes his rock]
  • SpongeBob: That's what I meant.
  • Scooter: Did he just blow in from Stupid Town?
  • SpongeBob: No, he actually moved from Town Stupid. [watch rings] Oh, I'm late for work! Gotta go, seeya Scooter! [SpongeBob runs down road to his work.
  • Scooter: [slouches] Well, that killed the mood. [walks in his trailer]
  • [scene is now in Scooter's trailer]
  • Scooter: [scared] Augh! A rat! [confused] Wait a second... How is a rat here when I am underwater? [rat floats up to the roof and dies] Oh wow. [door knocks] Coming! [opens door and walks out] Hello? No one? [turns around and gets trapped in a bag]
  • Scooter: [muffled] Let me out!
  • Unknown Character: Shhhh...
  • Titlecard and Narrator: 10 Scary Seconds Later.. Or was it 45 Seconds?
  • [Scooter gets released to find his self in a Sandy area with a rock above him]
  • Scooter: Where am I? [sees pink person] Patrick!! Why did you kidnap me!
  • Patrick: [firece] You should know! What did you do to SpongeBob talking Scooter?
  • Scooter: SpongeBob went to work, and I am not a scooter, I am a guy named Scooter!
  • Patrick: Now stop making up stories.
  • Scooter: You're making up stores, not get me out of here!
  • Patrick: I will, when you bring back SpongeBob!
  • Scooter: He's at work!
  • Patrick: I know he's at work, but he's not at work! You're lying.
  • Scooter: [scoffs] I'm not.
  • Patrick: ... Oh, ok! [opens rock and lets Scooter out] Ok, see ya, SpongeBob's brother.
  • Scooter: [walks towards trailer] Finally I'm away from that barnacle brain. Wait, I wonder if he even has a brain. [laughs] Probably not.
  • [scene is back at Scooter's house]
  • Scooter: After that waste of time, I'm going to fix this trailer rubbish off. [bell rings] Ah, now what? [opens door] Yes?
  • Mail Man: Mail for you, um Mr- M- Mr. - [gets cut by Scooter]
  • Scooter: [sigh] That's me, gets mail and closes door. What is this anyway? [lightens up] Easter?!?
  • [episode ends]

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