A Corrupted Talk Show is the seventh episode and the season 1 finale of Sponge Chat.


Spongebob goes to have a chat with The Corruption, but he ends up corrupting the show.


( Audience cheers as Spongebob walks on stage and sits on the left chair)

Spongebob: Thank you, thank you, I am so glad to be here again. * laughs* hello everybody and welcome back to Sponge Chat where we talk about various topics with our friends and other people. And today we will be talking to a very strange being known as The Corruption, So come on out Corruption!

( Audience cheers as The Corruption floats to the right chair)

The Corruption: Siojfsoidfosimfsoijdmonj( Wow, i'm finally on camera without corrupting anything.)

Spongebob: So tell me Corruption. What are you?

The Corruption: Dijroeoaoidmfsoikmdfsinoamefj( Well I am a multi textured and mixed version of all the main Spongebob characters including you. I was made by a hacker.)

Spongebob: Interesting. So anyways what do you want to talk about?

The Corruption: Uiejfmkjsemfkmsodkf( Hmm..... well I want to talk about my job and my job is to corrupt things, you know like this)

( The Corruption floats up and makes everything float and the TV screen that people are watching becomes corrupted)

Spongebob: Woah! Okay Corruption that's enough you can put me down now.

The Corruption: skds("Okay" puts everything down and stops corrupting)

Spongebob: So did you have a good time on here?

The Corruption: Jfoisjdfioskmso( Yes I did, I had lots of fun, but I must go, so bye Spongebob)

Spongebob: Okay bye!

( The Corruption leaves the stage)

Spongebob: Well that was interesting. Now before we go, I would like to make an announcement. This is the season finale of Sponge Chat, but don't worry, we will be back on season 2 soon. It will be alot more fun than this season. So that wraps up this show for today. I will see you all next time on the next season of Sponge Chat!

( Audience cheers as Spongebob leaves the stage)


This is the second episode to have a fan character in it.

Spongebob used a translator to translate The Corruption's corrupted language and speaking which is why he could understand him.

This is the season 1 finale of Sponge Chat.

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