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A Blast from the Cast
Series Absorbent Days
Season 1
Episode 2a
Airdate November 5, 2012
Story by MrScience12
Written by MrScience12
Storyboard artist(s) MrScience12
Directed by MrScience12
Creative director(s) MrScience12
A Blast from the Cast is the third episode of the Absorbent Days series and the third episode of season one. In this episode, after attempting to steal the secret formula, Plankton is bedridden with a broken leg. Yet he invents a cast that can eliminate anything in its path. However, the cast begins to eliminate a lot more than just what Plankton commands. Plankton fails in his first attempt to stop the cast however. Karen finds an old family invention that will stop the cast, yet Plankton sees he is in no condition to defeat the cast, so Karen decides to take up the job, yet can she defeat the cast? This episode is one of 20 in season one. This episode is paired with The Chum Returns.


  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Karen Plankton (debut)
  • Sheldon J. Plankton
  • Eugene H. Krabs
  • Fredrick T-134 System (debut)
  • Squidward Tentacles


  • [scene starts with Plankton, hiding behind a Krusty Krab pole while sweating and hyperventilating, obviously hiding from someone]
  • Mr. Krabs: Come on out, you cyclops of a criminal. [looks behind pole and sees Plankton] Aha! [reaches for Plankton with claw]
  • [Plankton jumps away from Mr. Krabs' claw and somersaulted away, then finally leaping onto a table, hiding under a customer's plate]
  • Plankton: Krabs has gone completely insane! [plate crumbles over him, revealing Krabs with a sledgehammer] No, Krabs! Don't do it! No!
  • [Mr. Krabs smashes Plankton with the hammer, waking Plankton from his dream]
  • [Plankton wakes up, yelling in fear from the nightmare]
  • Karen: What's the matter, my protozoa?
  • Plankton: Oh, Karen, my computer wife. I continue to have nightmares about Krabs squatching me like the bug I truly am. Weak. Powerless. [looks at feet] Diminutive.
  • Karen: Don't say that about yourself, Plankton. You just need to create a diversion for Krabs to distract him long enough so you can steal the formula. Well, good night. [actives sleep mode and snores]
  • Plankton: [rubs hands] Yes.
  • [scene cuts to the next morning, where SpongeBob is mopping the floor and Mr. Krabs is flipping a coin while Squidward is sloushing behind the cash register]
  • SpongeBob: [sings] Moppity, moppity, mop, mop. Mop the grime away. Sweep and sweep and then you're done, and then you'll scream hooray for...[sighs] Plankton!!!
  • [Mr. Krabs stops flipping his coin and walks towards Plankton]
  • Mr. Krabs: Well, if it isn't the one-eyed formula theif. What business are you doing here?
  • Plankton: Only the business of...[takes out penny] coinage. [evilly laughs and flicks the penny under the register]
  • [Mr. Krabs rushes to the register and throws the boat from over the penny, sending Squidward flying onto SpongeBob]
  • [Plankton rushes toward Mr. Krabs' office]
  • Mr. Krabs: [grabs penny] Come to papa. [drops penny and it rolls away] Uh oh.
  • [penny rolls and runs over Plankton, crushing his leg]
  • Plankton: My leg. [moans] I think it's broken. [takes out remote and presses button]
  • [Karen enters]
  • Karen: Back away. Can't you see he's hurt? [picks up Plankton and rolls back to Chum Bucket]
  • [scene cuts to the following afternoon where Plankton is on his bed, reading a magazine called "Cilia Cosmopolitan"]
  • Karen: [enters the room with a bowl of alphabet soup] How are you, my dearest Plankton?
  • Plankton: [throws magazine onto floor and growls] I'm tired of that Krabs! But more importantly, I am more tired of being bedridden. I can feel my evil juices being digested away every second I am on this hard matress.
  • Karen: [places bowl of soup on table and lifts Plankton] Maybe someone needs to use the evil latrine. [rolls out of room and into Plankton's labratory where she stops walking when Plankton jumps off her hand]
  • Plankton: I do not have to use the bathroom. I have to build something that will get me out of my current state and to a new, improved, Krabs busting, secret formula stealing state. [evilly laughs]
  • [A montage begins with Plankton using a blow torch on two pieces of metal, driving a screw into a piece of wood, banging a hammer to buff out a piece of metal and using a grinder to breaks two pieces of wood in two only to get pulled in and get chopped into two]
  • [next scene starts with Karen entering the laboratory]
  • Karen: What is more important right now than my laundromat soap operas, Plankton?
  • Plankton: This!
  • [camera pans to Plankton with a robotic cast with diodes and a silver metallic plating]
  • Cast: I am Fredrick T-134 System, here to do whatever Commander Plankton demands of. I am programmed to destroy and synthesize any substance or electronical hardware thrown at me, literally, and I am solar powered. [whispers] For now. [grins]
  • Plankton: That's right! [points upward in truimph] For example. [presses button]
  • [The cast begins to fire lasers that disentegrate the entire Chum Bucket]
  • [One laser goes haywire and heads straight to Plankton, only for Plankton to reflect it with a mirror and it bounces back and disentegrates a majority of the robotic cast]
  • [Plankton falls and lands on Karen's hand]
  • Karen: Yeah, okay. Three things. One: you've destroyed the Chum Bucket. Two: you're robot cast is demolished. And three: you almost hurt your leg if it weren't for my catching you!
  • Plankton: On the contrare, Karen. [presses a button on a remote]
  • [Fredrick T-134 System begins to repare itself and repairs the Chum Bucket]
  • [Plankton leaps from Karen's head and lands one foot on the ground and one in the cast]
  • Plankton: I'm invincible!
  • Fredrick T-134 System: [whispers] No, I'm invincible.
  • Plankton: What was that, Fredrick?
  • Fredrick: Oh, I just said that we better get this show on the road, commander.
  • Plankton: He's right. To the Krusty Krab, Fredrick.
  • [camera cuts to Krusty Krab where Mr. Krabs is spying on the Chum Bucket through a telescope]
  • SpongeBob: What are you doing, Mr. K?
  • Mr. Krabs: It appeared just a sailor's second ago that the Chum Bucket was a pile of scrap metal, but then, now that I look at it again through me pirate's eye, it's as perfect was it was every day. Well, as perfect as a place that sells chum is.
  • SpongeBob: Hey, sir. What's that light heading towards us?
  • Mr. Krabs: [moves telescope to spot a giant orb heading towards the Krusty Krab] It's...! [tackles SpongeBob before the orb collides with Krusty Krab]
  • [Plankton appears inside the orb]
  • Mr. Krabs: [continues] Plankton!
  • Plankton: [pops orb] That's right, Krabs. Now it's either you hand over the secret formula, or you'll be hearing from my little buddy.
  • Mr. Krabs: [laughs] You and what army? All you have is that cast on your leg.
  • Plankton: Funny you should mention that, Krabs. Because for I have no army, but I do have this! [stomps cast and a beam strikes the ceiling, knocking down wood]
  • [Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob run away from the lasers Plankton fires from his cast]
  • Squidward: [hides below the walls of the register boat] I think the coast is clear. [crawls out of boat and tries to sneak out only for Plankton to notice him and uses an electrical beam to lift Squidward along with Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob]
  • Plankton: [evilly laughs] Ironic, Krabs. Isn't it? You use to squash me like a bug. Then you squash me due to your greediness. But thanks to that, I'm stronger and more powerful than you would be in a million years. Are you ready to give up the formula now?
  • Mr. Krabs: [laughs] The only way you will get that formula is if you bury me a billion miles below the sea bed!
  • Plankton: Well, seeing as my power is right now, I think we all know that can be arranged. Fredrick, portal! [a portal opens up under Mr. Krabs]
  • Mr. Krabs: It was nice knowing you lads.
  • Fredrick T-134 System: [evilly laughs]
  • Plankton: Great evil laugh, Fredrick. Yet save it for when you're my minion and we take over the world.
  • Fredrick: That's the problem, you diminutive pest. You won't take over the world. [slams Plankton onto floor] Because I am and will! [releases Mr. Krabs, Squidward and SpongeBob]
  • Mr. Krabs: Thanks for letting us...
  • Fredrick: Hold your breath, Mr. Krabs. I'm not your savour. In fact, I'm your worst nightmare. [releases an abundance of energy and obliterates the Krusty Krab in an explosion and then obliterates the Chum Bucket] See all of you building a statue in my likeness when I take over Bikini Bottom. Downtown, here I come! [leaps toward downtown Bikni Bottom]
  • Mr. Krabs: Well, thanks for building the super-duper cast, Plank-twerp. Now you've destroyed my restaurant and your excuse for a restaruant.
  • Plankton: Don't get your red claws in a twist, Krabs. I've got this under control. [limps toward downtown, limping]
  • SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs, we cannot let Plankton go in pain by himself like that.
  • Mr. Krabs: We can't?
  • SpongeBob: No, Mr. Krabs. He may be your sworn enemy, but he's just a small, diminutive, minute, and defenseless little creature.
  • Plankton: Hey. I can still hear you!
  • Mr. Krabs: [sighs] Fine.
  • [scene cuts to SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, Squidward and Plankton in a car, driving past the rubble of downtown Bikni Bottom and the panicked citizens]
  • SpongeBob: There it is!
  • [camera shows Fredrick shooting lasers at buildings and other people]
  • Mr. Krabs: [throws Plankton onto sidewalk] Okay, now do your magic and stop that monster so you can save me restaurant. [drives away]
  • Plankton: [pats self off] Hey, Fredrick. [limps to Fredrick] We have unfinished business to settle. [cracks fingers]
  • [Fredrick turns around and begins to warm-up to fire a laser]
  • Plankton: [gulps] Mother! [leaps out of way of laser and somersaults on the ground and lands behind a house] It's like a nightmare come true!
  • [Fredrick fires a laser and disentrages the house behind Plankton]
  • Plankton: Neptune's bald spot! [leaps onto Fredrick's back only for Fredrick to throw Plankton into the wall of a house, splatting him]
  • Fredrick: You just do not get it, do you? I'm the ruler of this town, you little-brained protozoa. And you have let to learn that. And learn it soon! Or else. [holds up tazor and then walks away, wrecking the town]
  • [scene cuts to the Chum Bucket, where Plankton is thinking with Karen of ways to stop the cast]
  • Plankton: Stop shuffling through all of that junk, Karen. Nothing in there is going to stop a cast of that magnitude of electronic programming and upgraded diodes.
  • Karen: Well, then I guess this will be of no help either. [holds up a rusted, gold box]
  • Plankton: Karen, don't be silly. What's that old, cheap box going to do against a state-of-the-art robotic cast?
  • Karen: This right here is going to do more than go against a cast. It can restore it back to normal. This right here is my great-grandfather's overtaker against any haywire invention. I've seen it in action, and I believe that this can bring the cast back to normal. [hands to Plankton]
  • Plankton: It's about my size, too! With this I can't possibly fail! But with this leg, I'm helpless.
  • Karen: Not if I have anything to say about it.
  • [scene cuts to Karen looking face to face with Fredrick T-134 System]
  • Fredrick: If I were you, computer, I would turn around and not come back.
  • Karen: Same for you, cast. [takes out box while Fredrick heats up the laser blaster]
  • [Fredrick blasts a laser at Karen, only for Karen to open the box which absorbs the laser]
  • Fredrick: What happened? I'm powerless!
  • Karen: You may be, [fires up box] but I'm not. [fires laser back at Fredrick]
  • Fredrick: No!!!! [after blast, Fredrick is seen lying on the ground]
  • Karen: [runs to Fredrick] Fredrick, are you okay?
  • Fredrick: Question is...will you be okay? [blasts laser to Karen, sending her to the ground] Now to the Chum Bucket.
  • [scene cuts to Chum Bucket]
  • Plankton: The cast didn't go evil due to natural causes. [looks at chart] It was from a dose of chum!
  • [Fredrick breaks through wall]
  • Fredrick: Hello, sir. And good bye, Plankton.
  • Plankton: Uh oh.
  • To be continued in TBA...

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